AMNPS MOD ( Simple and most likely un-needed but I like it )

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    I got the AMNPS for my MES 30 Analog Smoker, I kind of did not like the way it slid about on top of the wire bottom rack where the Chip Tray went, so I did this :

    This is the bottom rack that holds the water bowl and the chip tray upside down with the AMNPS in the place of the chip tray and somewhat snug to the water bowl side
    I moved it to the water bowl side for one important reason, the AMNPS needs air, and the air inlet for my model is dead center of the bottom panel, so this way, incoming fresh air will be more readily available rather than placing over the other way, the fresh air inlet will be right between the water bowl and the AMNPS (under it of course) and the air would be naturally flowing under, past and across the bottom of both the water bowl and the AMNPS, this way the AMNPS will always have a supply of oxygen rich fresh air to prevent any issues with the pellets not staying lit or just sloppy smoke distribution inside the cabinet.

    Also since I see that many have had a issue with the AMNPS going out due to lack of air, I wanted a way to secure or fix the position the AMNPS is in and to make sure it would consistently be in the same position always, this mod grants all of those factors, it secures it next to the water bowl and it secures it in the same position every time I put it in.

    All that said, the MOD is easy and requires no parts, one tool, I used a angle grinder, but I know there are many ways to get the same result such as a Nibbler maybe, but it is stainless and I did not want to damage my Nibbling Tool on hard metal which is rather thick too regarding a Nibbler.

    Anyway, I used a screwdriver to hold up the AMNPS in place and made marks on the small flat bar rails that support the AMNPS, and all I did was use the angle grinder to grind out recesses in the flat bar supports on each corner and additional ones for that cross support wire, so now when I set it in there, the recesses allow the AMNPS to sit lower and to held in place, when done like this it can be turned 180 degrees and then be away from the water bowl, but I want it this way to force and or induce air to the AMNPS.

    Here is a shot of it done

    Not really that big of a deal, but if my smoker were to be bumped now, it surely will not move, as it is sitting over the wire in 4 corners and on that cross support wire as well, and not only that, but it will be in the same place every time, most importantly, it will be positioned very well over the air intake hole in the bottom, forcing fresh air to pass by and under it to ensure the pellet smoker will not be starved for oxygen and arbitrarily extinguish and it will also move smoke generation to a better center weighted spot to enhance smoke distribution.

    Here is the Finished Product in place

    You see how the wire is above the bottom of the flat bar supports under the AMNPS, the wire literally sits up in the recesses on each corner, and the cross support wire does the same sitting up into the recesses of the flat bar as well holding it from sliding left to right

    I have another mod in reference to positioning the AMNPS, but I will reveal that one later, now all I need is a drip guard for the AMNPS so grease or fat dripping will not snuff my pellets out and get ashes all over meat !

    That mod is on the way too !

    God Bless 
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    Have you fired this setup yet?   Is the heating element directly under the AMNPS?
  3. n4ynu

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    No, I have to make a drip shield for the AMNPS first, then I will season and fire it up, I have a friend that works at a metal shop and he is bringing me a very thin piece of stainless, my friend at the machine shop did not have any thin stainless scrap but I will take it to him to use his metal brake to bend it.

    I think I know why you're asking maybe, have not seen posts on it yet myself but have a feeling it may be an issue, but the possibility the heating element would cause a flare issue for the AMNPS.

    If that does happen (AMNPS Flare up from Heating Element)  then all I would have to do most likely is to just install a simple heat shield right above the element to cover that "S" bend in the element and that should take care of that issue if it arises, but I will be cold smoking for the most part, and even cooking, I will not be going over 200 degrees, and with 1500W's, I do not think the run time on the element will be enough to cause a issue, may just insure that relative humidity does not affect the pellet burn, I am prepared for that one and going to rectify that in another MOD I have planned, had a friend come by the other day, he says he wants to be part of my storage mission and has offered a large amount of venison, and my neighbor wants to give me venison for a percentage of Jerky in return, so looks like I have lots of lean meat on the way soon, my neighbor hunts avidly, bow, black powder, and regular season as well as Turkeys, I need to get me a nice shotgun and go hunting with him and we can both bring home some does, spikes and bucks, our family has a farm, been in the family since the early 1800's, its 365 Acres bordered by the Appomattox river, was a family operated hospital in the Civil War, the land was a grant to a Grandfather of mine on my dads side when they came over from England, they cut the trees on the property and cut the beams for the farmhouse out of the trees and cut lumber for framing as well, it is built on laced bedrocks the size of small houses and the bricks were made by hand, the place has 2 floors and a full basement, it is built in a L shape with a full porch on the inside of the L running the length of the long wall, over 600 squares easy, it is a fortress, walls over 2 ft thick, beams 24 X 30 rough cut, we can sit on the porch of this farm house and shoot the deer in the field anytime, private property out in the middle of the woods 2 miles off the road, game wardens do not even come there unless called to pick up some bad boys being held for them, all I need is the shotgun for hunting, got a lifetime license years ago when I was a avid hunter as well.

    I still have the eye of round roasts we are getting in the next week, about 45-50 Lbs, 3 15-18 lb roasts [​IMG]they will be for Jerky !

    I am going to start off small for a few test runs, and then load all 8 racks with all the beef Jerky I can and get mine out of the way and start on the Venison.

    Anyway, going to make my drip shield for the AMNPS tomorrow evening, got a busy day tomorrow, and then season the smoker and slice up this venison I have coming and that will be my trial meat, have gotten lots of recipes from this wonderful Forum here at SMF and going to use Pop's recipe for a wet brine, gonna add a little smoke stack too for added ventilation to help with drying/dehydration, I will have that MOD up next week, some here have already done that one except they used the square or ss stack, this will be the round stack, just painted steel (black) so it will match the rest of the smoker.

    Was your concern about the Element in regards to flare ups ?
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  4. If it was mine I'd ditch that bottom rack with both pans and set a CI skillet with a big ol' chunk of wood right on the burner and then put a drip/water pan on the lowest rack.
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    Going to try the pellets first, want to see how it works out, the heat will not be on enough to make smoke with low temp some and dehydration anyway, so would either need a smoldering chip pile or pellets, I want to try the pellets and I have 2 bags of them, hickory and mesquite, and I found a real easy adj last night if  a pellet flare is an issue I can make in seconds, so all is good, share the adj later, I got a baseboard hot water heater to move for a friend, got to go !
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    Excellent job on the metal work. Very neat, I'm impressed!

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    TY Jim, I try to make it look nice, does not always work but this time it all went according to plan for a change hehehe
    And if "points" means you gave me a point, TY again, much appreciated  [​IMG]
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    You're talkin' to an ol' retired pipefitter/welder/fabricator. If you ain't willin' to sign it, you ain't done!

    "Railroad that cover, boy!"
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    I can surely understand and appreciate that Sir, I had been in the Mechanical Field for over 20 years, and I performed every job I have ever done that way, regardless of who it was or whether I was getting paid or not, no half ass or hurry up work, either done right or not done at all, because like you said Sir, it is your signature, your Rep and your Character, not to mention knowledge, wisdom, professionalism and a lot of patience.

    Glad I am in good company [​IMG]
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    HA! We'll get along jus' fine, bud!

    "If you can't G6 a Texas cover, I don't need ya."
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