AMNPS in MES 30 (20077815)

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  1. rkell628

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    I see there are already a few threads but none that answers my question that I see. I see a lot of people say to put the AMNPS tray "on the rails" on the very bottom next to the chip tray. I'm not sure what rails are being referred to. I'm thinking my model MES does not have these. I see a recent thread said it the tray only works in models ending in 10 or 11. What about my model (20077815)? Do I just have to put in on the bottom rack or do the mailbox mod? I dont really want to always put it on the rack since I need as much space as possible in the 30" for jerky. Right now, I can fit it in the bottom left but its a pretty tight squeeze, and the water pan almost sits on top of the pellets (last time I just took the pan out and made a little tinfoil tray) Do I have to be worried about scratching the side wall?
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    i put mine to the left on the lowest rack. on the rack above it i have a piece of foil the same size as the smoker to shield it and the empty water pan. on the rack above that i put the meat.

    used it twice so far and it worked out great
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    I have a 16.  I have only had success placing the amnps on the bottom rack, i pull the chip loader out, remove the chip holder, and keep the top open all the way.  no water but keep the water pan in. 

    I cant seem to fit it on the bottom left unless i remove the drip tray.  I jammed it in there on my first try and it went out. 
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    Best bet with the 15 and 16's is the mail box mod. It's the most versatile for hot and cold smoking...JJ

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