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  1. dondford

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    I notice a lot of you use the AMNPS; I am looking into getting one but wonder if there is an lower cost alternative to the pellents and dust the company sells.


  2. cmayna

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    There are other suppliers for pellets if that's what you're asking.  I have used Traeger brand with great success.
  3. dondford

    dondford Newbie

    Exactly what I was asking.  I see A-Maze Dust at $4.49/lb and Pellets at $3.99/lb and Traeger pellets at .95/lb.

    Does the Traeger pellets work as well as the A-Maze pellets?

    What you guys prefer, pellets or dust?


  4. Up until yesterday I had never used pellets so I can't really speak from experience. I just got my AMNPS from A MAZE N on Friday but while it was in transit I did some checking at Academy to see about finding other stuff that's more readily available and less expensive. They have a 20# bag of pellets for about $10 but after reading the label I got the distinct impression that they are loaded with fillers and binders to hold the pellets together. Todd's pellets are 100% pure wood with none of the additives. That in itself goes a long way with me. I did a rack of ribs yesterday and smoked them for three hours. Since it was the first run I kept the amount of pellets down a bit so as not to chance over-smoking the meat but I only used 1 1/2 to 2 ounces of pellets. When you consider how long a bag will last and knowing that the pellets are pure wood, the cost difference (IMHO) is inconsequential to have the additional quality. I was not able to "research" the Traeger pellets so can't comment on those.

  5. s2k9k

    s2k9k AMNPS Test Group


    A lot of pellets are made to produce heat and not so much smoke and is why they are made with a base wood with a little of the flavor wood. Like TX said, Todd's pellets are 100% whatever wood they say they are so you get a true smoke flavor of that wood.
    Other pellets will work in the AMNPS but could produce more heat which is OK on hot smokes but could interfere with cold smoking.
    I would say the best thing to do is try some different brand pellets and find what you like and what works best for you.
    I have not tried dust because pellets are working very well for me. I think the advantage of dust is it doesn't produce as much heat so it works better for cold smoking.
    If you want to try Todd's pellets or dust he is having a sale right now, 10% off with Free shipping!

    Or you can Google wood smoking pellets to find some lower cost alternatives.
  6. disco

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    I live in Canada and the cost of getting A-MAZE-N pellets shipped here is punishing. So I have tried Louisiana Grills and Traeger Pellets. Both worked fine in the AMNPS. However, they are mostly oak. If you get the maple pellets they are oak with maple added, etc. Now there is nothing wrong with smoking with oak but if you want a lot of maple smoke flavour, you won't get it, you will get an oak maple blend.

    So, IMHO, the A-MAZE-N pellets are superior in flavour as you actually get hickory, apple or whatever smoke not a blend. If you are happy with the blend, it gives a good smoke and flavour, just different than the pure hickory, etc.

    If I am doing a special meal or product for friends, I use A-MAZE-N pellets. If there was a dealer here where I could get them, I would use nothing else.

  7. ferd66

    ferd66 Fire Starter

    I've heard BBQ'rs Delight are  good pellets too.  If prices are comparable, I'd rather buy from a site sponsor.
  8. I was in Canadian tire yesterday, wandering around looking at and for stuff. In the BBQ section, I came across some bags of finely chipped wood, in different flavours.  These chips were not much bigger than pellets. I would be interested if anybody has tried these in their AMNPS or the tubes.  To give you a better idea, about 4 of these chips, in group, flat on table, very close but not overlapping, could be covered by a Dime.
  9. I buy most of my pellets from an upscale butcher here in town. Half the pellets they sell are 100% hardwood of the type on the label, but the other half are 60% alder, 40% various fruit woods. So my "Cherry" pellets are mostly alder, which works really well for fish, but I want 100% hardwood for my red meats. I love Todd's Pitmaster Choice pellets, so he will always have at least some business from me...
  10. smokngun

    smokngun Smoke Blower

    I bought a 25# bag of Lil' Devils BBQ pellets from Home Depot for $9. It's a blend of hardwoods with no fillers.
  11. c farmer

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    I use Todds dust and pellets.  Are they expensive?  I dont really know.   I dont think they are.

    Todd has great customer service and that makes up for the added cost.

    He will gladly give his cell number on the forum to call at any time.

    That gets my business right there.
  12. mneeley490

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    I buy from Todd, also. You always know what you're getting from him, and as stated above, his customer service is second to none.

    One way to keep the costs down are to buy the pellets in the larger bags, and do it in one order to save on shipping. You will get an even better value.
  13. disco

    disco Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Sadly, this isn't true in Canada. If you double the quantity, the shipping cost doubles. I have gone to my local dealer and asked him to consider stocking Todd's products but I am not hopeful from the response.

  14. mneeley490

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    Disco, I live within a 1-1/2 hour drive of Vancouver, BC. I visit quite often. I've been to Banff and Calgary, and many places in between. Canada is a spectacularly beautiful country, with awesome, friendly people.

    But you have some of most backward laws regarding some commerce. Prices and shipping of wine and alcohol in particular, even from province to province. Over the border? Forget it. It is even worse than here, and that is saying something.

    Good luck with your search!

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  15. disco

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    Your words are true. A person in Ontario can't legally buy BC wine online, by phone or mail order. However, I would never give up some of our social programs.

    As for Todd's A-MAZE-N products, I will continue to buy what I can afford for special occasions and to talk local dealers into selling his products as they are definitely superior.

  16. hotnspicy

    hotnspicy Meat Mopper

    I am glad I am not having to chose to between social programs and free market commerce. 
  17. disco

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    I refuse to get into a political debate on a smoking forum.

  18. hotnspicy

    hotnspicy Meat Mopper

    I apologize I wasn't asking for a debate.  I was just being thankful.

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