AMNPS for Masterbuilt XL?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bigaman, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. Hey everyone, 

    I have read many positive posts about Todd's A-maze-n products.  I am considering a purchase for my Masterbuilt 40 XL propane smoker.  I haven't seen anything about using the system in this smoker.  Does anyone use it for this smoker and are there any mods I need to make?  I've read some threads about making sure the pellets remain lit. 

    Any thoughts are welcomed!

    Thank you.
  2. seenred

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    I don't have any direct knowledge of your specific smoker, but most of us use one of the tube smokers in gassers.  I've got a GOSM gas smoker, and the 12" AMNTS works like a charm in it.  

  3. Hi Bigaman, I have a masterbuilt 30 2 door gasser I use Todd's AMNPS for cold smoking and the 12" tube for hot smoking. They both work great in my smoker.

  4. I have a Masterbuilt XL and I bought a 10" iron skillet and put it on top of the chip pan. First couple of smokes I put chunks in the skillet, they last about an hour. I bought one of Todd's 12' tubes and used it for the fist time yesterday, lasted for around 3 1/2 hours. Worked like a charm, set it right on top of the skillet.
  5. Thanks everyone. Jusanothajoe what temp did you smoke at? I like to be around 250-275...will the pellets burn quicker
  6. not to hijack this, but in a gas smoker if you use the tube, do you still add chips/chunks?  or do the pellets replace them..  very new to this and trying to learn
  7. Depends what your trying to achieve.  Cold smoking, no you do need the chips that you  would usually use, just use the AMNPS or the AMNTS as the smoke supplier.  I have read a lot of posts on this forum and most folks use the device as their only smoke provider, gas or electric. In an electric Model, these will provide full time smoke unlike using chips, only getting smoke when the burner is on. 

    You could use to chips plus a AMNPS or AMNTS if going for a heavy smoke.
  8. I was smoking at around 225, dont think 250-275 would make them burn any quicker.
  9. spoolinaz

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    Works great in my XL. I bought the 18" and cut it down to 16" (IIRC) Then it fits front to back on one of the shelves. The higher the temp, the shorter the run will be. But in any case it will outlast many chunk change outs...

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