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    Ok finally got my drip shield done !!!!!!!!!

    I went to Lowes and purchased a 12X18 piece of aluminum from the hardware/screws etc area
    It is very thin, maybe 30 thousandths tops, nothing heavy duty

    Basically this is very simple, just leave the 12 inch alone and mark you a couple of lines for bends, you will have a little to cut off one end once marked that you will not need.

    It is 7 inches across the top, and each side bent down is 3 inches long

    After I marked, I cut the un-used part of the 18 inch length off, so now you should have a 13 inch long piece of aluminum sheet stock in your hand with a mark across it (use a t-square or measure up from each corner 3 inches and strike a line between the two marks with a straight edge or short level) on each end 3 inches from the end.

    I used a 2X8 to make my bends, just lined up the marks and bent it down with my hands, of course you could use any straight stiff edge to bend it over, just make sure the mark you have for the bend is square and straight or your bend will skew the sides of the Drip Shield

    Once I made the bends, I sit the DRIP SHIELD in place and I marked where the bottom edge sat on the wire of the rack, I just made a little line on the shield on each side of the wire on the 4 corners that the SHIELD was resting on them, then I took a pair of snips and just cut in 1/4 inch up along those little lines I made on both sides of each wire, then after doing that I bent the little tabs toward the inside of the SHIELD, no reason to keep the tabs if you want to cut them off, but it does give it a little foot so to speak and it seems very stable that way, the reason I bend the Tabs in, is that one side the wire is bending up to the water bowl holder, and the other is tight to the side of the rack, so if they are bent out it would be a problem on each side.

    Next I trimmed out the sides of the DRIP SHIELD to allow for more and maximise not only supply air but for increased natural convection to allow proper flow of air and smoke away from the smoker as well as proper supply to the pellets, choked either way pellets go this is why I trimmed the sides, no I did not test and have a issue, just felt I would have a issue if I did not and did not feel like having to make a adj when I see before hand it would be an issue, if you would like to try it without trimming the sides, please do so, and if it works be sure to let me know  :)

    Ok , here are the Pics 

    Top View, here you can also see the tabs that are bent in (the rear is the same)

    Bottom Side View, you can see the angle's I snipped, this indicates the Front of the DRIP SHIELD, here you can see the 4 notches I made with the Tabs bent in

    Here is the side view of the DRIP SHIELD showing the side trimmed out to be sure we do not starve the AMNPS either for air or from air/smoke leaving

    Here is a Frontal View showing clearance and placement, it appears in this pic that the AMNPS is close to the edge of the DRIP SHIELD, it is not, it is set back at least 1 inch, maybe a little more, no need to measure, but each end easily extends past the ends of the AMNPS at least a inch or more.

    Top Down View shows that the DRIP SHIELD cover well past the ends of the AMNPS again, and yet still has nearly 2 inches clearance from the back wall and the front wall (door, when closed)

    Thats my Drip Shield for now, may make another out of Stainless later just for fun, but my friend could not find any thin sheet stainless at the shop, so I broke down and did it with Aluminum, not touching the meat anyway hehehe

    I am going to season this puppy now !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    **** These pic are taken using the  , so this is with the bottom tray/bowl rack turned 180 degrees and then place on top of the bottom rack slides, this moves the AMNPS out of the hot spot over the "S" portion of the Heating Element eliminating flare up issues if you are using high temp, and since it is on top of the rack slide, it actually raise the rack about a half an inch tops, which would just further help that issue.

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    That shield looks as if it will do the job nicely [​IMG]
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    Thankyou Sir, was supposed to season it, but it did not happen, have to do it tomorrow, can't wait to get it in operation

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