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  1. I recently purchased an American Kobe Beef Brisket; wanted to try a different cut other then a Prime,  choice, etc.  Does anyone have any smoking advice for this cut.  Using a WSM with post oak and cherry.  I have been told that starting the smoke for the first 3-4 hours should be at 190-200 degrees then bumped up to 225 for the remainder if the cook. Can anyone confirm or give some pointers for smoking this delicate meat. 
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    I can only describe my method for brisket.  I start the night before by rubbing the brisket into a 235 degree smoker the next morning smoke blowing the entire time.  I plan on 1 hour per pound plus two hours.  I always foil my briskets at 165 and take them to 195-197.  I pull the brisket at 195-197 and into an empty ice chest for at least an hour and 2 or 3 hours are much better before slicing.  Good luck with your cook and remember patience rules the day.  All briskets get done when they get done don't worry or rush.  You can use the toothpick method to test for tenderness.  Be sure to keep a close watch on your smoker as well as meat temps.

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  3. I appreciate all those pointers especially Gary your schedule love it early morning coffee that's what I'm talking about.  I am just really concerned about the temp when doing the waygu that since the fat is so delicate that it will melt away and dry out.
  4. I'll sure be interested in watching this smoke, wish I could be more help on the waygu  closest I've ever gotten was eating steaks a couple of times


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