Amen For Market Basket!

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  1. Hello fellow New Englanders and Happy Labor Day Great Weekend to You All!

    This morning I waltzed back into my favorite Market Basket, procured some swordfish, hugged the employees whom I encountered, and just cannot believe that this "slice of history" held out and took place really; and as long as it did.

    Thank God that such is over! Amen!

    Meanwhile, today's grilled swordfish from them was just fantastic, so very juicy, and truly soft! They expect to be fully stocked and getting their daily fish deliveries again, and all their meat, and by next week!

    What an episode yes? T'is poignant stuff!

    For now, here is love to the "salt of the earth people" - "New Englanders!"

    This monumental occurrence did grab my heart strings, and for the employees who went for so long and without their pay, and today's meal tasted EXTRA amazingly therefore, indeed!

    That I started the day with my so wonderful, "Rockin & Roastin" coffee, (by the Aerosmith music guys and just INCREDIBLE coffee to say the least) just reminded me even MORE, how much "realness" and balls, and warm energy is really around in "these parts."

    Wearing a hoodie from those folks right now in fact, (check out their beans and GROUND coffee even, as it is the only ground coffee that I just downright adore): , we have their coffee in our local Mckinnon's grocery store even - both ground and whole bean; but yes, indeed, today just prompts me to send some love out and to New England!

    Go hug a New Englander today thus!

    We are real and We are raw and We are ravishing, and you'll be better for it! (And so will WE)!!!!!! More hugs!!!!!!

    Cheers and happy shopping!!!!!!! - Leah

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  2. oldschoolbbq

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    Leah , hello. Your Swordfish looks great , I'm too far to have it available , but I will try the Coffee.

    Keep posting and have a great time , keep the Smoke  Blue and . . .
  3. Thank you my friend!

    The coffee is really the best! Even the ground! Some days I even love the ground more! And I have never felt that way about ground coffee!!! Enjoy!!!

    And Happy Wednesday to you!

    Cheers! - Leah

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