Ambient temp affect cooking time?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cornfedkiller, Mar 28, 2016.

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    Cant seem to figure this one out, so hopefully you guys can explain it to me. 

    When its 90 degrees outside, why does my stuff cook faster, and when its cold outside, it takes longer to cook?  Its still the exact same temp inside my grill where the meat is, isn't it? 

    We were discussing it again this weekend when we were making bologna - how its warmer and a little later in the year than when we usually do it, and because of that, the meat isn't taking as long in the smoker, so it made me wonder about that again...
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    Ambient has little effect on an Insulated Smoker like a MES. But in a thin walled Gas or Wood Smoker the temps will hold steady overall but when cold outside, the smoker temps will take longer to get hot, longer to recover after adding the meat or opening the smoker, and you will use more fuel in cold weather. Start to finish some smokers take longer when it is cold and/or windy...JJ 
  3. Hello.  I am sure someone will come along and explain the science.  What I can tell you is that YES, many factors affect the cooking time.  Ambient temp..  Humidity.  Wind speed (well maybe not "speed" but was it breezy or a calm still day).  Altitude.  Was it the last Tuesday of the month?  OK; that one I made up.  [​IMG]   That is why we suggest you keep a smoking diary and log everything you can think of.  Keep Smokin!


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