Amber Jack

Discussion in 'Fish' started by sparky30_06, Nov 25, 2012.

  1. Ihave a bunch of amber jack that was caught this summer that I need to do something with and was thinking smoking it over Christmas while I'm off work.

    Any suggestions on brine/marinade and smoking suggestions too?

    Have a bunch of black fin but that might be gone by then.
  2. daveomak

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    Sparky, morning.... I just searched amberjack and about 50 varieties are listed from all over the world... there seems to be different flavor profiles, meat textures etc. for most of the specie....  I would check with your local fish monger to see what best suits the variety you have... Not trying to put you off.... Up here in the NW, we have 5 varieties of salmon.... each with a different flavor profile and oil content...  They are not interchangeable as far as processing..... each variety has a "best way" to process.....    Dave 
  3. Thanks Dave.   These amberjack came out of the gulf, not sure which sub species they exactually are. 

    Hopefully someone will come by with an idea or 3

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