Amazn Pellet smoker in a Masterbuild one door propane smoker

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    Hi there.  I just had a question.  I think I am getting an AMNPS for fathers day.  I am having trouble with my chips catching fire sometimes and loading the new chips when needed.  So I thought this would be the perfect solution.  My question is where can I put this thing.  Just on a lower rack or can I put it ontop of my chip tray (big round thing with legs and vents that sits over the burner)?  Could I put a piece of metal on top of the chip tray and then set the amnps on top of that?  or would the lower rack be the best.  Would I then have to cover it to avoid drips?  Thanks for the help.  I am kind of new to smoking. 

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    I would talk to Todd at Amazen.   Reason being is that I think he recommends the AMNTS tube smoker for propane instead of the AMNTS.  Think it has to do with the available oxygen/air flow.

    That said, I use tube smokers in my Smoke Hollow 44 propane smokers.  I place them on the bottom rack.


    Have you checked around to see about Mods for your Masterbuilt ?   I think some people replace the chip pan with something thicker.  This cuts down on the chips flaring up.
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    Cover the chips with foil.... poke a few small holes in the foil.... that allows for smoke and stops the flare ups.....
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    I have a 2 door gasser and use both the AMNPS & AMNTS.  They are mounted on a tray on the bottom side of the smoker, under the burner.
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    Hey Demosthenes9.  Thanks for the reply.  I will send him an email through his website and ask him.  I believe the email is [email protected].   Let me know if you know of a better way to contact him.  Thanks for the tip.

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    Thanks for all the replys everyone.  I am new to this, so I need all the help I can get.

  8. I put mine on the floor of the smoker to the left.... why? I dunno, it just fits well there. so far no issues other than once I forgot to blow out the actual flame and it must have just burned straight through the pellets rather than smoldering on beds of coals.

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