Amazing French Tomato Growing Video, Circa 1930.....

Discussion in 'Tomatoes' started by diggingdogfarm, May 21, 2013.

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    Martin, evening....  I have read about "hot beds" and how to do it.....  but never saw the rest of the story.....   Their plants looked really stressed... maybe that's what I'm doing wrong.....  seem to get lots of maters though...    Never heard of the "6" rules ...  determinate, 6 flower buds.... indeterminate 2 buds, let a sucker grow, 2 buds etc.... Is that what I saw ??  It's been 48+ years since French class and could only read and understand about one word in ten....
  3. Tomato plants can take a lot of abuse, I use a similar dense plating method, but I haven't used hot beds in years.
    I think you're right on what the pruning shows, but I know absolutely no French. LOL

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    These is really a very helpful video which will really help people like me who are new into gardening, as I will be going to do in my backyard of my kitchen.

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