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Discussion in 'Pork' started by connie lu, Aug 28, 2014.

  1. Hi All.... Just got the amazin smoker pellet box and going to use it this weekend. I read to start it w/ a tourch.... Any other tips would be approximated. Thank you, Connie Lu
  2. c farmer

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    Get it burning good before putting it in the smoker.

    You want a nice red cherry going.
  3. Connie,

    I used mine for the 1st time last weekend and this was exactly my process:

    I torch it for 40 seconds through the hole on the side. This will create a flame that will burn. Leave it alone in the wind and come back in 3 minutes to blow on the pellets to get the small flame going again. Repeat this step once more. After torching, blowing until small flame twice, and then waiting 3 more minutes, put it in the smoker. I use an MES30 Gen 1 so I had the flame side of the AMNPS facing towards the back of the unit with the chip tray pulled out a couple inches and the chip loader pulled out a couple inches. 1 row burned for 3 hrs. It was beautiful..

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