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Discussion in 'Canadian Group' started by garyhibbert, Mar 17, 2016.

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    Just a heads up for anybody in the Edmonton area.  I always had trouble getting any of Todd's Amazen products--I had to special order from a BBQ store and it took forever for my order to arrive.  The last time I was in there, they had a very good selection up for grabs--pellets, and tray and tube smokers.  At $15 for a 5 pound bag, I was finally able to try some Pitmaster pellets.  Oddly, they didn't have any hickory or pecan, but I'm guessing that if enough people ask, they will start to carry them.

    If you're not in the area, they will ship to you--have no idea on costs, you'll have to ask.

    Barbeque Country

    5682-75 St

    Edmonton, AB


    They also have a website, but its not great.

  2. In the Greater Toronto Area, Amazen smoke generators are available at Ontario Gas BBQ on Langstaff Rd.

    Not a great pellet selection though. I go to Cabelas in Barrie for pellets. Runs about $1 per pound, but they have blends and different wood varieties in 20 lb bags. Lasts a while, for me at least.

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    Ya bbq country's website does suck. Few months ago I emailed them to see if they were carrying the kick ash basket product line. They said no not carrying them. So a month ago I ordered one from Ontario. Last week I was in their store a lots and lots of that product line!
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    Hey Gary, I just found this group, I fond the A-MAZE-N line also at Halford Hides in Edmonton. I don't get home until mid march or so but I am going to head there, Their pricing was much better there. I am not sure about pellets yet but I will find out. 
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    Thanks for the head's up Gary, I keep meaning to check that place out. I'm way late on this...
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  6. dukeburger

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    I keep meaning to go check out Halford's also...I need to get out more.
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    Thanks for the tip. I wish I had seen it a week earlier, was in Edmonton last weekend. I'll have to call them and see if they'll ship to Calgary.

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     I just went to Halfords and they have no stock.........[​IMG]  So I am thinking of ordering from US as I will be down in Montana for a week in april.... Sweetgrass has a store/ mail pick up for people to use as well.... So my list is getting longer but I am doing it anyway.....
  9. dukeburger

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    Off-topic here, but have you tried Halford's casings or seasonings? 
  10. ab canuck

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    Hey Duke, Yes I have, It has been a few yrs since I have, they have a great great selection of spices as well  I have been getting them from CTR on the west end

    the last few yrs, Just out of ease and they have good products as well. I used to get them from Parkland and Butchers and Packers on the east end as well, I have had good luck with them all.
  11. Yeah - I bought a kick ash basket from there back in April.

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