Am I the only one?

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by braggjr, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Just curious if I'm the only one that seasons the meat before the grind? I make a few hundred pounds sausage a year and have never had a problem with it. I feel it gets mixed better. Typically I'll put all the meat in a tub (usually 50# batches) sprinkle the seasoning and mix it real well. Then grind. Now, if I'm adding cheese or japs to the sausage I'll do that while I grind. Don't like the cheese and japs to be ground. Then I'll mix it the best I can by hand in the tub before I start stuffing. Anybody think of a reason not to do it this way? Was going to add a couple pics of my ast batch but guess I haven't had enough post yet. 100#'s japs and cheese, 25#'s Summer and 25#'s Salami. First time to do salami. It turned out well.


  2. rbranstner

    rbranstner Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    No I have heard many people talk about how they season their meat before they grind it. I was actually thinking about giving that a try next batch I do. I will usually grind it twice so maybe I will add the seasoning between the first and second grind. Do you grind yours twice?
  3. pops6927

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    I do it the same way, always done it that way.
  4. fpnmf

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    I usually spice before grinding.

    Gobble gobble!!!

  5. scarbelly

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    I always spice before the grind to get it more evenly distributed
  6. roller

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    Cut mine up in cubes then season it but it back in the freezer till it gets almost frozen then grind it...
  7. danmcg

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    A lot of people do it that way. I generally grind, add seasonings and regrind, but it does depend on the sausage. A course textured one I'd do it your way.
  8. smokinal

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    Interesting, I usually grind first. I guess I'll have to try it your way next time.
  9. nepas

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    I hardly ever cube, season grind. Guess i'm not conventional

  10. solaryellow

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    Grind then season for me. I only regrind if I am looking for a finer texture.
  11. boykjo

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    I always grind, then season then place in the fridge over night then stuff the next day

  12. I don't cube the meat. Normally cut it into as big pieces as my Tor-Rey 12 can handle. Whether or not I get it back to almost frozen depends on the time constraint. Thanks guys, I was just curious. I've read alot about it and most everything you read says to cube, grind, season then stuff. This way has always worked for me.
  13. 2salty

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    All the folks I know who make sausage cut the meat as you do.  Large strips.
  14. melleram

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    Always season the chunk meat then grind.  Faster and easeir than trying to mix the seasonings into ground meat.

    I have never re-ground anything, If I want it finer, I just use the finer plate.

    Season it

    Grind it

    Stuff it 
  15. sound1

    sound1 Smoking Fanatic

    X2....then back in fridge to chill and meld, and finally the stuffing ritual 

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