Am I figuering this right?

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  1. If I use 2 lb of lean beef or deer meat  =32 oz. and want a 80/20 ratio, so 20% of the 32 oz. means I would remove 6.4 oz of meat and add 6.4 oz of fat? For making snack sticks.
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    That's correct as far as the math but a better solution is 8 lbs of deer/beef and 2 lbs of fat.  2 lbs of sticks won't get you very far.

    Then again, I love me some snack sticks :-D
  3. Thanks Okie, I am making small batches of sticks, to get the flavor I want, using different spices.
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    Your math is good if you are looking for a batch using 2 pounds of meat mixture but "If I use 2 lbs. of lean" would mean that using 2 pounds of lean and looking for 20% fat ratio would call for 1/2 pound of fat. ( If 32 oz. of lean is used then 8 oz. of fat will be 20% resulting in an 80/20 mix. for a total yield of 2.5 pounds mix plus your water, salt and seasonings.)

    Metric measures and a digital scale make recipe development a lot easier/

    Now stop teasing us an tell us what kind of sticks your making!

  5. Just making beef snack stick with bacon added for fat, and using backwoods sausage seasoning.  This will be my second attempt, first batch with just lean beef, was too lean 93/7, and sticks were somewhat dry, but ok to eat. I am making small batches to find the taste I want and the seasoning I like.
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    Thanks and good luck.

  7. And do realize, there is no law against taking a packaged spice mix and adding some other spices to mix.  I do that all the time, because I find those purchased spice mixes to be too bland.  So add some Garlic or hot spices, make it your way, not theirs

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