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    My neighbor next door and his wife have been after me for a few weeks to help them sand and refinish their wood floors. None of us have ever done it, it didn't work out when we tried, but that's ok because something great came out of it.

    I've had my $100 Walmart GOSM smoker (24" I believe) for a couple years. I've learned to cook really well with it, thanks to every one here. I recently noticed that my meat barely fit in there lately and I had been considering something else. Apparently everyone quit selling GOSM units so I figured I was stuck at that size unless I wanted to switch brands. I love my GOSM and wasn't going to switch.

    Until today! We needed some mineral spirits and my neighbor's wife suggested we look at the discount outlet store instead of Lowe's since it might be cheaper. They didn't have it, but I walked over to the outdoor living section. Suddenly the store went dark. I'm sure nobody else noticed, but in my world there was nothing but a bright beam from heaven shining down on a black steel box.

    With a heavenly choir harmonizing I approached it. There on the front I saw it, the little red thermometer and in big red print "PROPANE". I had only ever seen the charcoal ones at this store.

    "Could it be? Could it really be?" I asked myself.

    I opened the door and there I saw it. The grease deflector on the door. The tray in the bottom. The heavy cast iron chip basket. A GOSM Big Block!!! The case was in great shape, just a few scuffs from being on the showroom. There were no dents, and I shut the door to see if it closed straight.

    Any my BBQ world came to a crashing halt. $479.99 read the sticker on the door.

    NO! It can't be!

    Then I remembered. :) Big discount on Bass Pro closeout items!!!!

    Today I drove it home and am now a proud owner of a GOSM Big Block smoker for the low low price of $208.80 after tax. Not too shabby I think!
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    Congrats! I'm sure you'll enjoy your new toy!
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    Great hit!!!!

    Now you can Smoke Away!!!!

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    Well get that Baby fired up....
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    great of luck with it....have fun breaking it pics and Qview
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