Alternative to Apple Cider V and apple juice

Discussion in 'Pork' started by daveoxforduk, Aug 6, 2016.

  1. Hi guys,

    Currently smoking two st louis cuts in the Bradley smoker.

    I dont have any apple cider vinegar or apple juice to spritz before i wrap the ribs for the 2 hours wrapped part.

    Can anyone recommend an alternative? I've got some white wine vinegar in teh cupboard. i was thinking maybe a mixture of that and some water? i'm not too bothered about the lack of flavour it might just looking for similar tenderness and moistness.

    Will this work? and/or will the white wine vinegar taste gross??
  2. cliffcarter

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    IMHO, yes the white vinegar will taste gross. BBQ sauce, if you have some, will work or any fruit juice, maple syrup, butter and sugar, hot sauce[​IMG]. FWIW A lot of cooks do not add any moisture when foiling and get good results.
  3. tropics

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    Beer it is a great tenderizer also

  4. thanks alot for the response guys. i'm going to go with butter and honey. will post a pic of the result. thanks guys

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