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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by tony1137, Nov 27, 2014.

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    Doing a 12 lb turkey. Brined it in the slaughterhouse poultry brine I saw on here for about 30 hrs, and been letting air dry over night. Just wanted to ask the massive amount of knowledge and experience on here...should I still do a rub or just smoke like it is? I know a lot is personal preference, but wondering what some veteran smokers would do.
  2. I always brine, rub and spritz my turkeys. Two on right now. Happy smoking.
  3. I take my bird out of brine, rinse it off and dry well by patting down and sit in front of fan for half hour. I then rub the bird down with EVOO, then hit with a little rub and then on the pit.
  4. tony1137

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    Did the brine and rub. Just took it out and loving the way it looks and smells.
  5. Nice smoke!!!! :Looks-Great:
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    Nice , and easy too[​IMG]

    Great looking bird...

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