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  1. I am getting prepared to do my first build. I have a great box that I will be using for the shell and have decided to do an insulated vertical reverse flow. I am getting materials together and one of my main concerns right now is the inside walls. Will 18ga sheet metal be heavy enough for the walls? I would really value the opinions of some of you experienced builders.
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    Yep.....   18 ga. will be fine....   If you have the equipment or know someone, have them cross break it...    put the bulge to the inside....
  3. We built a Vertical Insulated RF,  Works great   18 ga, if fine go 1/4 " for the firebox area and you wont have any problems when you get further along and decide on you doors and seals  give me a shout and I'll post a pick and tell you what we did

    Good Luck

  4. Thanks gents. I will post some pictures later so y'all can throw any ideas at me. This type cabinet is now almost impossible to get, so I only have one chance to build it. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.
    @gary s, I ran the original design numbers thru your calculator and am concerned about the exhaust opening. It shows that I need an opening less than 3 sq inches. I am attaching it below.
    [ATTACHMENT=1924]image.jpg (575k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]
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    A vertical RF does NOT use the RF flow calculator....  totally different animal.....  Here is the basic design...   flow channels should be 2-3" deep to eliminate friction loss....   width ...  Use the full width of the back for the air channels...

  6. Thanks, Dave and Gary. I have been ill so the build has been put on hold for a while. I will definitely keep yall up to date when I get started.
    One more question for now though. I rethought the design and have now decided build an external firebox. Easier build and more cook room inside the cabinet. I am going to order 1" kaowool to insulate the CC. Do you think it would be worth it to take time and effort to build an insulated firebox on a charcoal smoker?
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