Almost forgot! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! The buffalo wing turns 50!!!

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    The Buffalo wing turns 50 this year!!!! March 4th was the thought to be actual date. Here's the story of the buffalo wing:

    Buffalo Wing 
    The year is 1964. Wings are an unloved part of the chicken. Butchers sell them for pennies. Restaurants use them, if it all, in soup. One morning a distributor mistakenly delivers a crate of wings to the Anchor Bar, a restaurant in downtown Buffalo owned by Italian immigrants Frank and Teressa Bellissimo. Teressa wants to send the crate back. Frank doesn’t want to disturb the distributor. A fight ensues. What is she going to do with all those wings? Later that night, unable to sleep, Teressa gets up, goes to her kitchen, and begins experimenting. By dawn, the Buffalo wing was born.
    Fun Facts:
    A traditional Buffalo wing is an unbreaded chicken wing, cut in half (with the tip discarded), deep-fried and coated in a mixture of cayenne-pepper sauce and butter
    There was pepper sauce in Belissimo’s kitchen because she was from Sicily and Sicilian cuisine is spicy
    Wings were originally given out free at the Anchor Bar, along with peanuts and pretzels. The practice was ended because customers liked wings so much they stopped ordering regular meals
    Celery and blue cheese were added as a side when wings were later put on the menu
    2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the birth of the Buffalo wing (the exact date is believed to be March 4, 1964)
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    There was some soul food places in Wichita Falls, TX who were peddling spicy wings when them folks from Noo Yawk was still squirting mustard in their pampers.
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    Hey big do realize that there would be no Texas without the east coast pioneers...those that couldn't handle it moved west. Har-har-har.
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    Right right. My clan climbed off the convict ship in Baltimore..stopped off in NC and Tenn and finally graduated up to God's Country (Texas of course) and was astute enough to

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