All wood or Charcoal + wood ?

Discussion in 'Beef' started by jimpam, Apr 23, 2012.

  1. jimpam

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    So thanks to this site I have done some really good briskets, turkeys, pork butts, etc that everyone has liked and complimented me on (and eaten!) - so thanks to everyone for that!.  I typically have used charcoal and added a log of hickory or mesquite during the process to do my smokes.   The last few times however I have started a fire with small limbs and then just added wood - I typically wrap my briskets after a period of time so they never get "too smokey" - anyways, I must say this has been much easier maintaining heat( I have an Oklahoma Joe / New Braunsfels offset smoker which does a good job holding temps) - especially smoking a brisket overnight.   Just wanted to get other opinions on how they 'do their fire" and thoughts on what is best... I attended my first BBQ cook off and seems everyone was using only wood....thanks!
  2. michael ark

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    Both . Depends on my mood.:sausage:
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  4. raptor700

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    I have a stick burner, so i go by the color of the meat, then foil.
  5. jimpam

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    Thanks for the replies!  Thanks for the article link Oldschool, very informative!  Micheal, that is pretty much where I am at - and I guess lately I have been in the mood to do all wood haha.  Thanks Guys!

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