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Discussion in 'Pellet Smokers' started by wolfman1955, Jan 25, 2016.

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    I got my Yoder YS640 in July of 2014. Well on 1/15/16 I had my first problem, imagine that a pellet pooper smoker/grill 18 months with no problems. I fired it up and the controller just went nuts reading all kinds of weird temps and not controlling. I e-mailed All Things BBQ where I bought my rig the next day which was a Saturday. I gave them a very detailed description off what was happening with my grill. I didn't expect an e-mail back on the weekend, But a couple of hours later got a very nice e-mail from them stating that my grill was defiantly still under warranty and that they had forwarded my e-mail to Yoder customer support. First thing Monday morning I received an e-mail from Yoder that gave me exact how-to instructions, with pictures, on how to help them trouble shoot my problem. It took me about 45 min. to follow there instructions, then I e-mailed them the results. 10 min. later I got an email from Yoder stating that they had a new thermo couple on its way to me and that should fix my problem. That Monday was Martin Luther King day so I know they would not mail it until Tuesday at the earliest. I received my package on Saturday with detailed instructions, with pictures on how to do the repair, I installed the new part, put it all back together, fired it up and just as they said my unit was fixed.

    IMHO That is a perfect customer service experience.

    [​IMG] I am happy to say that "I AM A MEMBER OF THE YODER FAMILY!!"

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    Nice to see a company stand by their product!
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    Awesome story. I just got mine a week ago, same model, from ATBBQ and was happy with the whole process. They even threw in some rubs and a digital meat thermometer that they didn't have to do. I'm very happy with my pellet pooper and with my ATBBQ experience.
  4. I've had my YS640 for two years now. The first time I had a problem was on a Saturday night. I sent an email the support figuring I would hear back from someone on that Monday. Within an hour I had a phone call from Herb at Yoder. He was in a bar, waiting for his wife to meet him for dinner and called to walk me through my issue and had me back smoking in less than an hour.

    The second time was also on a weekend and Don Cary contacted me to help get me going again. I don't know of any other company that goes out of their way to support their customers like Yoder does. Both times it was me doing something dumb, but it didn't matter to them, I was back smoking and happy as all hell. 

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