All rubbed down and ready for the smoker!

Discussion in 'ECB Owners Group' started by 509smoker, Apr 10, 2015.

  1. Soooooooo..

    How did it come out??
  2. mdboatbum

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    Yeah, give us some details man!
  3. Not as good as expected, great flavor, just not fall off the bone. I had trouble getting the temps up to 225 for the first 2+ hours. I did a couple of mods to the ecb and didn't do a test smoke. I eventually figured out my problem and after that the smoker rocked and held a solid 225. Looking forward to the next cook. Just an fyi, if ya add a rope gasket you will need at least one vent on the roof, I have one but will be adding a second. If you don't add a vent up top you will struggle to get temps up, needed more air flow, that was my problem.
  4. Bummer....

    Know what you are up against.

    The number of times I seem to have made things worse while on my way success are legion.

    I`d like to see how you do the vents, since I`m considering adding the rope gasket to mine.

    Right now I`m running a bunch of different venting contraptions thru my head.

    Good luck on the next smoke.
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    I made mine out of soup can lids way back when I had an ECB. Just bolt through the center and drill your holes. You can open or close as needed. With a little hammering over something round you get the curved shape you need. Worked for years before I turned it into a flower pot.
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    I've read from several sources that the exhaust vent (the top vent) shouldn't be used for temp control.  That should be done at the air intake source, under the charcoal.  I don't know much else about it, but I'm happy with ten 1/4" holes on the lid of my ECB, with no cover, just always open.  The only problem I've encountered is when I'm smoking in the rain.

    Then again, I primarily use butane canisters for fuel.  When I'm using charcoal, I regulate the temp by monitoring the amount of charcoal in the pan.  The airflow stays more or less constant.
  7. Nice little niche you`ve carved out for your smoking area.

    Guessing available space is a premium where you are.

    On the venting, I`m in no rush..Probably over-think it and end up doing something rash, only to find the "perfect" solution a day or so after..

    I suppose you could fabricate an "umbrella" of some sort to keep the rain out attached to the lid????????

    If I`m understanding what I`ve read correctly( Big If ), the rope gasketing is used to help maintain the HEAT, not to hold the smoke in?

    I`ve already had a BAD smoke, where the end product was bitter tasting, which I found out was due to not letting the smoke out, letting it go "stale" and even a bit of creosote to form on the meat...UGH.


    The gasketing and high temp sealant can sit in the garage mocking me until I decide on a vent.

    Thanks for the replies and good luck on your next smoke. 

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