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Discussion in 'Beef' started by golfpro2301, Nov 5, 2014.

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    So I am going DaveOmak style and smoking a whole packer at 210* all night. Since I have been competing a lot more I feel like I am addicted to practicing and perfecting recipes. Plus I love my Memphis Pellet Cooker and any excuse to fire it up I am going to do it. If anyone has a spare $3k laying around buy one you wont regret it. 

    This was a 14LB whole packer. For competitions I usually do a heavy trim job to get what I want. I remove the fat completely on the bottom on the point side. This allows bark on both sides of burnt ends. I trim off all fat and silver skin on top side of the flat. On the point I trim it so it is a 1.5" thick flat piece. I trim the flat back to stop where I would get my slices from. this exposes a lot of the point so I can get plenty of burnt ends. for the blind box.

    I tried a new rub on this. Usually I use a mix of John Henrys brisket rub and montreal steak. I added a new commercial rub called 4rivers. it has large granules of spices. I mixed it with a little of my other two and wow was the flavor awesome. 

    The gash in the center was me trying to trim while shewing away the dog that was interested in what I was preparing. More pics to follow tomorrow. Going on the pit at 8PM

  2. It should be good.


    Happy smoken.

  3. chef willie

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    Ok......sounds good so far. This was 13 hours ago, so......where's the update pics?? That dog get the goodies?.....Willie
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    Sorry Willie. I let it ride at 210* until 7AM this morning when I took my first peek. It had good bark on it and the IT was 159*. I forgot to take a picture of it. I cranked up the temp to 225*. 

    I had to run errands and just got back. This is what it currently looks like after 16 hours. IT is 178*. It still has plenty of wiggle to it and you can tell it still has plenty of juices inside.

  5. chef willie

    chef willie Master of the Pit OTBS Member have a ways to go then till sampling...carry on.....Willie
  6. It looks good so far. Keep the pics coming.

    Happy smoken.

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    Looks good from here , now for the finish shots...[​IMG]
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    So I bumped the temp to 250* and took it to 200* IT at the top part of the flat where I would get my competition slices from. The point came in at 205* IT. I wrapped it in foil. Turned off smoker and wrapped in foil then put back on to let it rest.

    Right before I took it off. The flat still had a lot of bounce to it. I poked the point with a little force and my finger almost went thru it was so tender. Cant wait to dig into this.

    TOTAL COOK TIME: 19 Hours / 11 Hours at 210*, 4 hours at 225*, and 4 hours at 250*.

    Will post sliced pics later tonight after the rest

  9. golfpro2301

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    Alright here is the final product. The only thing I can say is WOW!!!. Flavor and tenderness was amazing. Moisture content very high. Burnt ends were unbelievable. I think my tongue almost beat my brains out. Only complaint I had was the flat was a little too thin and the first few slices were a little chewy but once I got towards the point they just fell apart. Very pleased with the results. Now I just need to find the temp that will get it done in my competition timelines. 

    Sorry for the blury pics. My hands were all greasy and I didnt feel like cleaning them and push my dinner back even a few min. This is a pic of everything sliced including burnt ends

    This is the top end of the flat with a little bit of the point on the bottom

    Same as above. Flat and point slices. They barely stayed together when you pick them up.

    My dinner. Brisket and coleslaw sammy with burnt ends and cornbread

    My little friend decided to help herself without me looking. I had half the plate and she had half the plate. I got seconds and she didnt. For the record the white  notepad contains all the top secret info from Myron's cook school. Very pleased with his flavors so far. Going to practice Chicken next week.

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    Looks great! My dog has ruined dinner twice! So you got off lucky!!

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