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    HelloMy daughter is alergic to nuts.I was going to buy some wood pellets for my amnps and saw pecan.I didnt purchase these because of her alergy.Has any one ever had an alergic reaction to the smoke from the wood of a nut tree? She gets a mild reaction from picking acorns up off the ground in the fall so I probally will not try using oak or pecan etc. thanks for any comments.Dave
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    Allergies are something that affects each of us in a different way. The impact that it would have on your daughter is best discussed with her doctor.  When I was a kid I was allergic to over 100 items on the multiple scratch tests the did on me. Thru treatment I am pretty much allergy free with a few exceptions. If it were me I would not tempt fate without talking to the doc.  
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    I know nothing about allergies but one thing to be aware of is that a LOT of the pellets out there are a mix of oak and whatever flavor you are buying (for example cherry that you are buying may be 70% oak and 30% cherry).   Be sure to ask if they are 100% flavor or if they are mixed with oak or alder. 
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    thanks all good advise

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