Alelover's Smokehouse Build from Mostly Free Stuff (Maiden Voyage)

Discussion in 'Smoke Houses' started by alelover, Oct 24, 2015.

  1. Pic of what? I posted them all.
  2. Finished product!!!
  3. You know I will.
  4. twoalpha

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    Just saw this, I'm a little late to the build project

    You are making great progress, Looking Good  [​IMG]

  5. Worked on the doors a little yesterday.

    Backing board for the thermometer mounting.

    Fitting for the thermo is held in with a snap ring on each side.

    A little bit of 3M Fireblock to keep it from spinning.

    Getting the hinges lined up.

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  6. Got the doors on today. Laid it down with help. This things heavier than I thought.

    Then stood it back up with 2 helpers.

    They work quite nicely. A few more things to do yet. I just may have it done by Thanksgiving.
  7. bearcarver

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    Looking real good Scott !![​IMG]

    I figured it would be pretty doggone heavy!!

    Good it has wheels!!

    And Larry said, "Git--er--Duuuuunnnnn!!"[​IMG]

  8. Lookin' really good! I will be interested to see the finished product.
  9. Heat source came yesterday.

    Making some cleats to hold the doors closed. Made with Hard Rock Maple from my maple stash.

    Made some stainless bushings for the lag screws to ride on.

    I believe this should hold the door closed sufficiently.

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  10. halfsmoked

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    I smell thanksgiving dinner!    What is and where did your thermometer come from?
  11. They were thermometers we got a long time ago when we had the homebrew store. I think they came from military surplus. I am using 2 of them in my brew system now.
  12. Can I use insulation foam board unde 1/4 inch plywood to insulate my smoker???
  13. boykjo

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    Just stumbled upon this thread Scott.. Looks like I'm gonna have to fill that smoker up for ya.......[​IMG]      Nice job as always
  14. Thanks Joe. You know I will let you fill it. [​IMG]
  15. Depends what kind of foam board. Check the melting point of what you plan to use.
  16. Got the cleats mounted yesterday.

    Doors close quite nicely.

    Just need some stove rope to seal the doors and she'll be ready for some smoke.

    Told the wife I needed a heavy duty handle. She found this.

  17. bearcarver

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    Awesome Handle, Scott !![​IMG]

    I'm ready now---After the rope seal.[​IMG]


  18. I need to find some black screws. The silver ones won't do. Going to run a batch of Todd's pellets through it this weekend ans season it up a little. Still got to do the propane setup and some other stuff yet. My daughter Tabitha wants to paint it.

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