Alabama White BBQ Sauce on Spatchcocked Chicken with a Texas Twist (w/Qview)

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    I had never heard of Alabama white BBQ sauce until my dad and I were watching the episode of Man, Fire, Food where they went to Big Bob Gibson's. I was intrigued and decided to give it a try. Thanks to Malcom Reed's channel on YouTube, I was able to find a sauce recipe that I could replicate.

    I began by using my kitchen scissors and just cut two 6 pound birds right up the middle. After that I let them soak in Italian dressing for 4 hours. I started the fire with a mix of post oak and a couple of cherry wood chunks. Once the smoker was up  to 290 degrees I pulled the chickens from the tub, seasoned the meat side with Fiesta Brand Chicken Rub and placed them bone side down on the smoker. 

    After an hour I sprayed the chickens with apple cider vinegar, flipped them, and seasoned the bone side. From here on out I just waited for the birds to reach an IT of 165/175. While waiting I began to make the white sauce. The recipe called for horseradish and cayenne pepper, but my family isn't a fan of those ingredients so I just doubled the amount of course black pepper the recipe called for. If you didn't catch it, that's the Texas twist. The sauce only required you to dump the ingredients into a container, whisk and chill.

    - 2 cups of mayo
    - ½ cup apple cider vinegar
    - 2 TBS course ground black pepper
    - 1 TBS granulated garlic
    - 1 TBS sugar
    - 1 TSP course Kosher salt
    - 2 juiced lemons

    Before dunking them, I let the chickens rest for 5-10.

    Simply dunk the chicken in the sauce until it is fully covered.

    Let the excess sauce drain back into the tub, plate it and eat it.

    We wanted to see if throwing it back on the smoker did anything to the sauce, but it only re-warmed up the chicken.

    I'm sold on this sauce and can't wait to show it off to more friends.
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  2. Interesting. Might have to try a small batch.
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    It looks interesting, but without the horseradish and cayenne, it seems like it wouldn't have much flavor. I guess you liked it though. Like Rob said I'll have to try a small batch.

    Thanks for sharing the recipe!


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