Alabama folk take notice of what is coming off this week end in Huntsville

Discussion in 'Alabama Members' started by albert rivera, May 1, 2014.

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    Aw man, I got to visit Huntsville once on business, training commissary workers at Redstone. Just standing in the lot, I looked all around at those inviting hills, but I didn't have time to explore them.
  2. I have been in Alabama since 1972 when I returned from Vietnam.... by choice!

    Love Alabama and more than that love Alabama folk!

    I Live In a little bittty town,,, and my house is in the middle of some woods, DEER IN FRONT YARD! Have even seen turkey, red fox, etc.  In my front yard!
  3. bluewhisper

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    I'm at the NW edge of Columbus, 1960s suburbs, but I get sleeping deer flattening my gardens.

    I loved the opportunities to visit the South on those business trips. Usually I'd have to start my shift at the commissaries around 05:00 so I got off at mid-day, with a rental car and a map. Find local food!
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    I bet one of the old members will be there. KathrynN, lived in Huntsville and was starting to swamp with a team working the areas backyard circuit. Seems the team was from the Athens/Decatur area......

    Seems like it was called a whistle stop weekend? She was swamping for the redstone team.

    You know there won't be and apple pie drank there... I mean eaten.
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