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    I was planning to have fb intake on the sides only instead of front due to reinforcement on the fb door.I am planning to use 1/4 inch plate steel with no insulation or multiple layers. What are your thoughts:fine to place slider intakes on the sides or redesign. Anybody have similar design with success? I havent started my fb yet so still time to replan if needed. Thanks, Steve
  2. Hi Smaloof,

    I'm doing up my intakes tomorrow and have settled on the lower intakes to go either side of my FB (positioned under the grate but above ash level) but as recommended I will be putting in my upper intake on the door opposite the FB to CC opening.

    As it's been talked about many times on here, this vent in the door should help move some of the heat from the FB into the CC if the box is overheating. It seems to be one of those mods which has been tried and tested with excellent results. Good luck

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    I think I will install the same to be safe. Maybe a 5 to 8 inch butterfly.

    Just curious, what thickness are you using for firebox and are you insulating it?

    Thanks, Steve
  4. Hi Smaloof,

    I went 1/4 inch on my FB but didn't bother to insulate it. Where I'm from in Australia there's no need really.

  5. I have vents on the side of my firebox and they work fine.  I used square holes with a slider - three holes on each side situated under the FB grate.  My upper vents however are above the door situated directly across from the FB/CC opening.  Ive been able to keep pretty steady temps from 225 to 250 fairly easily as long as I don't get carried away feeding the wood to it.

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