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Discussion in 'Beef' started by lnares, Aug 24, 2015.

  1. We were at Costco today and they had a brisket flat that was about 3 1/3 lb. On Thursday, when I have plenty of time to sit around home, I'm going to put it in our 40" MES. I have a rub I love that I'll put on it.
    Any suggestions for cooking temp, internal temp, and a rough estimate of cooking time? I'm trying to attach pictures of both sides of the brisket, I hope it works.
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    Since it's just a flat, it looks like it's already been trimmed pretty heavily. 

    I would just rub it, and put it on your smoker. Keep it at 225 with good smoke and cook until the internal temp in the thickest part of the flat is about 195 for at least an hour. I think 5 or so hours will get you there. I wouldn't wrap with just a flat at that short of a cook time. 
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    I WISH I could get a flat like that in the local Grocery...[​IMG]They trim every ounce of Fat, no Cap at all! My Wife brought one home and I did a double take to make sure it wasn't a London Broil cut from the Round. I am going to look at a Butcher that Custom Cuts. I am hoping I will not have to pay a premium. The Grocery store meats just suck where I live now. 

    I would go with 225 as well. Use JC's suggested 195 as a guide to start Probe Testing. The therm probe sould slide in with little to no resistance. The temp may be higher, but the tenderness is my Go To indicator of doneness...JJ
  4. The guy working the meat counter said they hardly ever got the briskest trimmed like that. That was the smallest they had. Since it's only the 2 of us we didn't want to go with anything bigger. When we know we can successfully do a brisket we'll think about doing it for company.

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