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  1. Ok, I've done several batches of venison summer sausage and have had really good luck.  My last batch, not so good.  I think I used to much fat (10lbs of vension to 5lbs of pork/fat from boston butt) and I'm sure it never reached the correct temperature so I had to dispose of it as it really worried me.

    So I have a recipe that got from this forum which for taste I really enjoy.  I really need some advice on the vension to pork ratio as I typically have used a boston butt and just cut it up in pieces and ground it to I reached the amount of meat the recipe calls for.  Here is the recipe I have used:

    5 lbs. Ground Venison

    1 lbs. Ground Pork

    2 cup Water

    3 Tbsp. Morton Tender Quick (This is the cure and is VERY important)  --- I don't use TQ, I use CURE # 1 the pink stuff and I follow the directions on that to a T.  You need to.

    2 TBSP Non Iodized Salt (Kosher Salt  ...etc.) ( The extra salt is optional and to my taste)

    4 Tbsp. Soy Flour (Non Fat Dry Milk will work)

    3 Tbsp. Course Black Pepper

    1 Tbsp. Mustard Seed

    1 1/2tsp Onion Powder

    2 tsp Garlic Powder

    1 cup Jalapeño Pepper's Chopped (Fresh is best)

    2 cup Pepper Jack cheese

    2 to 3   2 1/2" X 20" Fibrous Casings

    Liquid smoke - follow instructions on bottle for per pound amount.

    So my question is what are the correct temps I should be using?  I see a lot of guys doing a 130 for 1 hr then 160 temp for about 3 hours as the IT should reach 140 in 4 hours then finish it off at 165-180 temp until the IT is approximately 152-170.   Is this a good safe way to go ?  I have a Brinkmann smoker so as ou know controling the heat can be a challenge. I am purchasing a MES 40 for Christmas but for now I really want to know the temps because even with the MES 40 you have to "watch it" for the first few hours anyways unlike a pork butt where you can set and forget.

    Thank you in advance for helping me out, I need it here !

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    I make about 150-200 pounds of summer sausage a year for friends and neighbors. I also run the first hour at 130, then crank her up to about 145/150 for the next 5 hours. After that I turn my heat up to 185 or so until the internal reaches 155 degrees. At this point, I immediatley remove and ice bath the sausage.  I never let the internal get above 155( tends to melt out the fat).

  3. Eric,

    Great advice, I really appreciate it. How can I become your neighbor / friend and get on that distribution list??????


    Than you,
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    When you use cure, the 40-140 rule is no longer relevant. I use these instructions for making sausage because I got my start using their sausage kits. It works every time. Yes you won't ever be able to set it and forget it with sausage, I think there is too much at stake/to lose. So I am constantly alert as to what my smoker and meat temps are doing. Those guys with the PID units or whatever have it down to a science.

    Last year we used some fancy buffalo chicken spicy cheese, it was amazing!
  5. Not sure if it's a typo but you said you used "10lbs of vension to 5lbs of pork/fat from boston butt" and your orginal recipe calls for "

    5 lbs. Ground Venison &1 lbs. Ground Pork"  

    So if you couble your recipe yo uwould use 10 lbs of venison and 2 LBS OF PORK, not 5 lbs.   maybe you used way to much butt??

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