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    Hi all,

    So this weeknd I am smoking some wings, meatballs, belly pork slices (a bit like boneless ribs) ABT's and some chipolata sausages. I only have a little cheap water smoker (but I am new so it is fine for me to be learning with) so think I need to do two cooks, as only have 2 grates in the smoker.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on timing of each item? As a guess, I was thinking of doing half the wings (I have a lot of wings to do) on the bottom grate in my first cook, for about 2 hours, with the belly pork slices and ABT's on the top grate going for a 3 hour cook?

    Then once all those are done, I will cook the 2nd batch of wings on the bottom grate for 2hrs, with the sausages on the top grate also for 2 hours and the meatballs on top grate for 1 hour.

    This is assuming I can maintain the temp at 225 for the duration

    Do you think this is the best way of cooking the items, or would you do it in a different order. Obviously I want to serve things hot so have to think about what would stay warm wrapped in foil, or be ok to reheat in an oven etc.

    Any advice would be very welcome!

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