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Discussion in 'Pork' started by dustn98, Oct 27, 2010.

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    I have the largest smoke that I have ever done for my sons b-day party this weekend. I'm smoking about 35lbs of butts on either Thursday or Friday and then serving Sat afternoon. My first question is should I smoke Thursday and then just reheat for Sat. I'm thinking about this because if I screw it up I will have time to go to the store and get something else for the party and it won't be as stressful day before party. Or should I chance it and smoke Friday? Either way I'm going to have to reheat. Also when should I put on finishing sauce right after pulling or during the reheat process before party?
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    I would do it friday night. Pork is very forgiving. As for the sauces when I have a big group of people over I put them in squirt bottles and let people apply what they want.

    Good luck. Cant wait to see the qview.
  3. As far as when to cook them I would say that either day should be fine. IMO pulled pork is even better after a day or two. When it comes to sauce that depends on what kind. If you plan to use a thin vinegar based sauce I would use some after pulling and add more before reheating. Reheat in a 250 deg oven in foil pans covered with HD foil to desired temperature. You can also add some apple juice to get some more moisture in there. If you are planning on using a thick tomato based sauce (sacrilege in my neck of the woods) I would wait until its heated back up. Hope this helps, good luck!


    You won't screw up, just remember to keep temps of smoker below 275 and don't oversmoke
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    I would smoke it on friday like Brian (bmudd) said. Pork is a very easy and forgivving smoke. You will do just fine even if you are smoking 35lbs of it. It will be just like smoking one but there will be a few of them in there. So the meat is the least of your worries for one thing we are here all day everyday and almost all night to. This site is world wide so it's morning somewhere too. 
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    Thank-you everyone for the advice so far. I am going to do a cider vinegar finishing sauce, the one with brown sugar, red peper flakes, vinegar, ect. I've done this before and I love it (one time I put to much on but that's how you learn). Really cuts the gamey taste of the butt I think. Then I will have other bbq sauces sitting there for people to add if they want. I'll probably do as smoknsteveo says and put a little on when I pull and than add a little more when I serve if I feel necessary. The thing that makes me nervious is I don't have enough themo's for every butt so I have to use some of the instant read ones. Wish me luck. Thanks again
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    Let us know how it turns out and good luck. I've done about 60 lbs. at one time and it really isn't a whole lot different from doing a single one. Just give yourself plenty of time. I want to try that cider vinegar finishing sauce you're talking about. Care to share a recipe? Thanks!

    Oh and don't forget the Q-view!
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  8. squirrel

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    Thanks BQ, I have never heard of Tony Chachere's cajun seasoning though.
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    Like previously said, allow yourself a bit more time if doing multiple butts.  I would pull it the same day you cook it

     .Why not reheat on your smoker?  A  dd a little of your sauce and then pull out of the smoker as guests arrive.  It just seems to taste better that way.  Plus it's a better presentation, having the smell of the smoker going while serving.

    Good luck and great Qing

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    Squirell you send me some cheese and I'll send you some Tony Chacharo's and a big bottle of Yoshida's! [​IMG]
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    Party went very well and I have left overs too freeze. Sorry I don't have any q-view but I had to change my plans a little because of the weather. We had 50 mph winds here in IL on Thursday so I decided to smoke in my toolshed which is quite a ways from the house so the camera was not on my list of items to haul back and forth from shed to house. I promise next time. The pulled pork turned out great I went ahead and smoked it on Thurs, pulled it that night, and then put it in big roasting pans with tin foil and put in the fridge until Sat. I kept the AuJus and put it in a big water bottle and when I went to reheat (250 in oven for about an hour stirred several times) I put it on top of the pork. I also added some of the finishing sauce Thursday night and then again right before we servred at the party. I had many compliments and actually people ate so much pork that they were're too stuffed to drink so I have a lot of beer left over. BONUS! Thanks for all the help and for calming my nerves before the smoke.  
  12. Way to go! I hope your son had a great birthday, and it sounds like he has a pretty cool Dad.

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