Advice for the BCS Championship night!!! Roll Tide!!!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by lspilot82, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. Guys once again I am turning to my brothers and sisters in BBQ to help me make a decision. I have been asked to cook for the monday night BCS championship game. I'm going to do 3 racks of Louis and a 7-8 pound butt. Here is my thing, I don't know whether or not I should do the 3-2-1 with the ribs, or just let em go until they are ready. I like them both ways, but prefer just lettin em ride out without wrapping. Out of all the ribs I've done like that, I've only had one rack I ever messed up on. Maybe I'll do a 3-.5-1.5 or something. What do you guys suggest? What about the butt as well? Should I wrap i or just let her ride out till shes done...advice guys, I know I'm gonna get some good responses. Thanks. 

    Lets not forget. ROLL TIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    If you & your friends like you ribs the way you cook them now, I certainly would not change for this. If you want to experiment wait until it's just you & your wife or gf. Don't change something that works, and experiment on a large group. 
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    Yea,  you may as well enjoy the food,  the rest of the night is going to be a big disappointment.  Hehe   Beat Bama  Geaux Tigers
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    Amen to what Al B. said....
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    I would say that you should make the robs and PP the way you like them. If someone doesn't like them I would tell them to bring their own. After all it's your house and your meat and you're the cook. Now it will be bad enough sinces the Gators aren't in the game so just bring one of the other teams the're all repersenting the SEC after all.  

  6. I'm actually cooking at a buddy's house, but I'll still tell them to shove it if they don't like them. My buddy worships Sonny's and thinks there is nothing better, but he has yet to taste anything else. So I know he will like this BBQ. 

    At least the Gators did good against Ohio State the other night, it was a fun game to watch. I'm a FSU fan at heart, but I'm rooting for Bama in this one. Main reason cause of them being from the area that got blasted by those tornadoes. I was in that area soon after it happened and it looked like someone dropped a that would be nice to bring home another ship for them. Its gonna be a good game regardless, both teams are equally matched.
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    Don't forget about a couple fatties or some pork shots or some ABT's.  Man, I can't wait until game time!

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