Advice for first boston butt attempt..

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  1. Hello all,

    I'm going to try my hands at a 5lb Boston Butt this weekend. I will be completing this task on a small weber kettle grill. At what temp. should I pull the meat off the grill, wrap with foil and place in a cooler? Also how long should I keep the butt wrapped in the cooler for the best results? Thanks in advance!
  2. Not sure about weber grill cooking.
    But at our shop we smoke at 225 until internal temp is 160, wrap tight and return to 225 until internal temp is 198-200. then pull season and serve.
    I imagine youd have to be closer to final temp if your going to wrap and box it, but the bark might be too much. ?
  3. I don't foil my butts during the smoke - I like bark too much!  I take my butts out around 200* IT then wrap in a double layer of foil & a couple towels & throw it in a cooler for at least 45 minutes - I try to make sure it has an hour to rest though. I've kept them this way for up to 5 hours before & still had them piping hot.

    Don't forget to take pics of your smoke  [​IMG]
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    Smoking in a Weber can be done but Temp management can be a Biotch. If you are going to try to stay around 225-250*F plan on 2 hours per pound plus 2 hours to CYA and a 1 hour rest. It will not take much lit charcoal to get that temp. You may wish to experiment. Take a look at the link below. Cliffcarter's set up is what you are looking for. You should PM him for more detail...JJ
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    These guys have you covered. All good advice. The only thing I would add is that pork butt is very forgiving BBQ. It doesn't really seem to mind temp fluctuations and it almost always turns out good as long as you hit that good internal temp. So as long as you don't let your fire get TOO hot for too long , you should come out with some good pulled pork. Try chef jimmy j's finishing sauce. It is really good.
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  6. Thanks to all that replied with advice!!!
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    Yep they got you covered. don't be afraid to run your temps a bit higher 225 and 250 are not magical numbers.
  8. @SWQIB yeah ill probably go about 275 during the cook. I've seen great pulled pork from higher temps. Anyway, I got my pork today. The Butt is actually 5.6 pounds, so it will take a little longer than I planned. I wont be brining or placing the rub on the meat until one hour before cooking time. Ill definitely be posting more pictures tomorrow!!!

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    I like to apply rub the night before then saran wrap it tight then another coat of rub just before it goes in the smoker

  10. Just put the butt on the grill 30 minutes ago. I cant wait for this puppy to be done!!
  11. flash

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    You should be done around 9 or so. Hopefully your slicing.
  12. @Flash Pulled :(
  13. flash

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    Good luck then. You may want to order some delivery pizza. [​IMG]

    As one member stated around 2 hour per lb and then you want it to rest for an hour before pulling.  Safely you should have had it on around 11 AM.
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  14. At 6 1/2 hours and I'm becoming impatient lol.
  15. When smoking, especially a butt, patience is your friend.
  16. What's the IT at?
  17. @Smoking B it was about 175-183 but it finally done. I used too much wood and not enough rub. I know its not the best butt but i'm satisfied for my first time. Cant wait until next Saturday to try something else

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  18. A little smoke goes a long way IMHO. Looks pretty good from here.
  19. Thanks!
  20. Looks pretty yummy on my screen  [​IMG]    What wood did you use?

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