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  1. Ive read several threads on how to make burnt ends while smoking the entire packer. Well a meat market in my area sells four pound points by themselves and I would like to make some burnt ends tomorrow. I know that everyone says smoke the packer until its done, separate the flat and point, cut into cubes and smoke for how ever long. What would be the process for making burnt ends from just smoking the point. Is there a certain degree I should just smoke to and serve or should I get it to a certain degree, cube and then continue smoking? Any and all help is appreciated!!!!
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    Smoke the entire point till you get an internal temp of at least 185° up to 190°, then cube it, and toss with a little BBQ sauce, add additional rub (if you want), then put them back on the smoker for another two hours or so.
  3. I think JIRodriguez had the temps about right. I usually have a pan under the brisket with some broth in it to catch the drippings. I like to put some onions and red bell peppers in the broth. I strain these out and add then to the cubed point and then defat the drippings and add a little  then a light coat of BBQ sauce and a little more rub if desired. I try to keep the heat around 225 and pull when the sauce and liquid have cooked down usually 1.5 to 2 hrs I stir several times so all sides get some smoke. Here's some I did with chuck roasts
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    These are both good ideas. Use a foil pan or something similar to catch the drippings while the point smokes, then cube the brisket, defat the drippings, and then put the cubes right into that pan with the sauce and rub. Mix well, smoke for two more hours. If you need more details, just say so.
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    Burnt ends is a method and a bit of a misnomer.

    Not really burnt.

    Just a way of cooking down the point end and making tasty morsels for the beer holding guys pretending to do the cooking.

    While the pretty girls in the kitchen are really doing all the work and bringing the guys a cold beer!

    Gotta love those gals if you are lucky enough to have one!

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    I do a lot lower temps on the point before cubing...upper 150's to lower 160' more of a popping chew in the center, and far less risk of drying out the interior. The higher the I/T when you pull it to cube, the higher the risk of drying out when they're finished. Cube to about 1-1/4 to 1-1/2"...I toss in a very light costing of sauce, then return to open grates for a great crunchy bark and moderately tender chew with a snapping/popping bite in the center.

    There are a couple of my brisket smokes in my signature line, most with BEs.

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    Those are some good tips Eric, thanks.
  8. Hello everyone. I'm currently three hours in on my smoke. Thanks for all the great tips. What degree should I pull the burnt ends off the smoker after being cubed?

  9. Cubed and back on the smoker!!!! Btw, the pictures don't do the brisket any justice. The cubes are very juicy!! Thanks for all the help once again.
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    Oh, shnikey!!! I missed this somehow!!! Guess I was busier than I thought with my own brisket smoke and having family over for apologies.

    Hope it all came out to your liking. Looks like you did the brisket justice so far...NICE!!!


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