Adventures in smoking on Sunday. Bacon, sausage, Roast beef of my!!

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  1. tiny chalupa

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    So this past weekend we had a strong itch to do some more smoking. We gathered the necessary meats, prepp'd the smoker, had a ice bath ready and the vacuum sealer ready.
    How did we do you may be thinking after such a short opening sentence? Well let me show you

    Here is the first batch of wood I used. Hickory and Cherry were the 2 I decided to try out.

    I keep thinking about ordering from Fruita but haven't broken down just yet as its a heftier upfront cost than the other wood we get

    Eye of round going in the Smoker. I had made a generic rub of Garlic powder, black pepper and onion powder the night before. I feel my rub was too light when it was all said and done and I might inject it next time for a deeper flavor penetration.

    Everything plugged in ready to. I took it to 130 than let it coast to between 135 and 139. One piece was heftier than the other

    Always looks darker than I am expecting

    After letting it sit for an hour in foil had to cut and try some. Quite tasty. Need a thicker rub for sure. It was a 8 pound eye of round. I pulled a little over 6pounds of lunch meat out of it.

    I don't seem to have a picture of the might stack of sliced meat I got made out of this.

    This is my spices for my pork Andouille sausages I was shooting to make.
    I followed the Nola Andouille Sausage recipe, and was not horrible impressed with the level of spice.

    10 pounds of pork beat ready to be fed to the machine

    This is after I smoked it. If you notice, as its quite clear, I don't have a lot of "proper" links. There was issue with my intestines while I was stuffing where it started to dry some so it packed the meat too heavy. I had blow outs, 6 of em, and turning em to make proper links was causing more problems.

    Almost forgot my bacon picture! Half was sliced thick, half thin

    Things I learned!!

    1)Keep the skins lubricated while stuffing. Even if you gotta pause real quick and force water through the casing. It SHOULD feed itself basically while stuffing the sausage.

    2)Do not be afraid of spices when making sausages. I followed the recipe I linked and had none of heat go through

    3)When getting pork belly I need to expect loosing a good chunk of it in the sense that I'm not getting bacon from it.

    13 pound block from Cash and Carry yielded 7 pounds bacon. We got the pig skin, which we will either broil down or make pork rinds out of, and we got plenty of trimmings. The trimmings are incredibly handy when/if you make chicken sausage or baked beans

    4) Need to inject the eye of round while making the roast beef. The smoke flavour is really good but I'm not getting the other spices really. Smoke seems to overpower most else

    What I do it all again? Hell yes

    I plan to make English Bangers, breakfast sausage, that my brother made. He did NOT smoke em and my god they were damn tasty.

    Also my buddy threw 6 Chili Piquin into his 5 pound batch of sausages and jimminy cricket it was good. Plenty of heat but not overpowering. Need to add those to mine next time

    Enough bacon for 24 servings, I eat 6 every morning for breakfast, so got time to pick some up and start the process over again

    Enough sausage made for something like 56 servings.......all for 2 bucks a pound.

    How much meat was made total?

    25 pounds of sausage

    We pulled 8 pounds of Bacon and another 3 1/2 pounds of trimming/skin to use

    8 pounds of Roast Beef

    Not bad
  2. knifebld

    knifebld Smoking Fanatic

    Wow, not bad at all! LOL

    Would love to try sausage one day (like...making from scratch...pork and know what I mean).

    Will never forget a trip to England where I had a sausage sandwich made from fresh English was that ever good!

    Great job!
  3. tiny chalupa

    tiny chalupa Newbie

    If you ever in the PNW, let me know. Sausage is fun and surprisingly easy to make honestly.

    We did chicken and pork. Picking up to do some more this upcoming weekend hopefully.

    Oh and those bangers are no joke!! Sage really helps them "pop" just don't smoke em!!!! Boil em and you get WAY more flavour I feel
  4. knifebld

    knifebld Smoking Fanatic

    Thanks for the offer, would love to visit your neck of the woods someday. :)

    So you don't smoke them at all? Just boil and grill?
  5. tiny chalupa

    tiny chalupa Newbie

    We smoked some of the sausages. Out of 50lbs total, more sausage made the following day, around half was smoked.

    I feel, and I need to experiment WAY more before I feel I can say definitively, that some sausages simply give themselves better to being smoked than others.

    Andouille? Great sausages to smoke and you can go crazy on spices.

    Bangers? NO SMOKE!!! Stuff em. Put them in the fridge to get them a little more dense than vacuum seal them into packages for easy meals.

    Breakfast links some of us like them smoked some don't.

    Personal taste plays a huge roll but I'm honestly getting chicken boneless skinless for 1.98 a pound(might be picking up some chicks to raise and slaughter myself to try and get the cost down some more) same with the pork butt so I don't feel bad spending 10 bucks and getting 5 pounds of sausage. Even if it doesn't turn out "amazing" its still better than most anything I've ever bought and I can always make a thick soup, breakfast burrito or whatever with the sausage.

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