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    I have built several smokers of different types over the years and have learned from each one.  I now have scrapped enough material together to make what I believe will be the ultimate UDS.  As with everything, there is always room for improvement.  Here is my progress so far.  Any input or Ideas would be appreciated. 


    The Base

    The sides and top with my duct bent on the brake.

    Nice Frozen lime concentrate barrel ($15.00).

    Duct cut in with the outside frame fabricated.  2" of insulation on the bottom.  Grill side shelf also fabricated.

    Cross connect duct for the grill from the smoker (Can also be used as a stoker from the fan unit that will be installed in the bottom of the smoker).

    Here you can see the bottom duct that will be used for the blower.

    Lower vent hole for the grill.

    Grill bottom installed.

    Grill area insulated.

    Grill and smoker insulated.

    Rough fitting of the sides.

    Front on and flange fitted up.

    All sides on now.
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    Here is some recent work.

    I have the top fitted.  I am debating on whether I should braze the top or weld it.

    Time to cut in the vent holes.

    More photos to follow of my progress.
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    Looking great!

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