Adding Wodd Chips To Charcoal

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  1. I am wondering how I should be adding my wood chips to the smoker. Do I add them directly to the charcoal, or in a pan, etc.? I have a Char Broil offset smoker, not sure what model it is as I got it from a garage sale. It does differ from most pictured on the SMF site in that the chimney is at the opposite end from the firebox on the end of the cooking chamber. I do soak my chips in water for at least an hour before adding them. I did smoke some Back bacon this past week and it turned out not too bad. But because I was having trouble regulating the temperature in the firebox, sometimes the chips would flare up causing the cooking chamber to increase in temperature quite rapidly for a minute and then drop back to 200F or less. I do not have a basket yet for the firebox, but will be making one this coming week, as well as the tuning plates. The baffle mod is complete. Any comments or suggestions are more than welcome, as I am new to this.

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