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  1. Been asking a bunch of questions about smoking meat and recieved some great advice. Everyone is asking me to post Qviews. Can anyone tell me how to get the pics from my phone to the thread . I started a batch of snack sticks at 6am this morning and took some pics but cant figure out how to post.  I have a SAMSUNG S4 ACTIVE
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    In the reply box Look at this and just follow the instructions.

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    I don't post many pictures because I am on the forum mostly from my work computer and when I reply to a post the above tool bar is not available. My buddy in IT told me its because the filters installed on the companys system treat the tool bar as a Pop-Up and blocks it.
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    You could set up an account at photobucket or flickr, or some service like that. Put your pictures there, then you can link to them here. The advantage to that is, once you have them online you can link to them from any board you're on, also mail links to friends, etc.
  5. Just like this. One other thing is you won't be able to see the pics untill the mods take a look at them to control spam. That will go away after you have made a few more post.

    Happy smoken.


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