adding flavor to the water pan

Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by chrish, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. chrish

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    is shure NONSENCE, im probly late and this has already been talked about, but adding anything to the water pan is pure nonsence as the water everates and leaves everything behind leaving only pure water to recondence on the meat,

    go with the flow here, your lost and out in the boonies and you need water, so you find a bog filled with water and animal poop, so you know if you heat up the water to the boiling point and condence it into another pot you wont have that bad taste transferd to you glass of water.
    NOW think about that for ten min and see if im not right.[​IMG]
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    On the thread Richtee suggested to read. On one of them dang fangled BBQ shows on who has the best ribs or what eva. One of them old time fellow used the water he soaked his wood chips in to spray down his famous ribs. I haven't tried it so i can't say it works either way. I did try apple juice and other concoctions in a water pan when I used water and I seen no added flavor. Now I was told and was many that day if ya wanted to try something different was to soak my chips in a white wine. Now toruble here is I have a short attention span and when I open the wine I forget to saok the wood but I am going to try someday soon.
  4. 1894

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    Umm , have you ever looked at the water after wood , 'specialy chips , have been soaking in ? I wouldn't drink it , or spray it on my food [​IMG]
  5. richtee

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    Insect bodies............More sources of protein! [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] I ain't no Andrew Zimmern....
  7. chrish

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    well the main thing is wet wood doesnt do any good in a smoker, it however work with a charcoal grill as in most AB's shows of GOOD EATS tho i question a few of shows.

    as of using the water from soaked woods like hickory is unknown to ading flavor, as a valid question even i gatta know on this one. give me some time and ill find out.

    ill be back.
  8. pitrow

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    The only thing that I could say to counter what you've said is that you're right, except for substances with lower evaporation points than water, such as alcohol. These will also be converted to vapor and end up (possibly) condensing on meat also.

    However, you're right, any dissolved solids in either liquid will remain in the pan.
  9. chrish

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    Well dispite what the otheres have said here, soaking some wood in water for no less then 2 days would in fact add some kind of wood flavor to the water, as to what kind of flavor it would add as a mop or seasining is to be seen here in testing,
    as the other OTBS mebers are willing to say nice job but I wont do that, ill try and prove a thought or therery, make it right or wrong.

    im doing some ribs tommarow by chance

    hold on for more posts tonight
  10. chrish

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    love the avitar PitRow cool
  11. chrish

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    got a big bucket full of water and hickery wood, ill use the water as a mop or spray on these ribs, jut to see if this thought is real or not. wish other OTBS members were willing to SHOW other then say "hay nice job" and give no othere advice,
    Shot at 2008-09-25

    im willing to show a pic or two, but any way, i plan on using the water as a mop to see if your thoughts are right.
  12. justsmoke2

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    The way I seen him use hickory water was in spray bottle and not with a mop. Also I am sure he took some precautions by screening the water thru possible a cheese cloth to help clean the water. I am curious to see how it turns out.
  13. crusty ol salt

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    Take it from a guy who has distilled a great deal of water and even far greater amounts of liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen over the years, that boiling and condensing water does not make it pure. Boiling will remove solid and particulates, which are left behind. There are a great number of things that will cook-off and condense with water that will cause odors, effect taste and make a person very ill. Chemicals, fuels, resins(anything with a boiling point below 212) can be place into that catagory. My thoughts are those same things that can cause water to smell and taste funny after boiling and condensing can also have an effect on the food that I diligently toil over for many an hour.

    So the question is to me "Why chance it?"

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