Add salt to turkey rub after brining or not?

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  1. I searched 3 or 4 pages back and couldn't get a clear answer. Before I got into smoking believe it or not I never brined a thing in my life, now I brine all poultry. I used to just rub my turkey with softened butter and a coat of salt and pepper and cook. This year I'm going to be doing two different birds. My traditional way as well as a brined bird. My question is; should I add any salt to the rub I place on the brined turkey? Or will that make it to salty? Thanks for any advice.
  2. Well I guess it depends on how much salt is in the brine and how salty you like your bird. If the rub is only on the skin you can always just remove and throw away the skin if it ends up being to salty. I personally don't add anything other then some old bay after I brine mine but you do what ever you like. Everyone has their own personal preference and there is no right or wrong way.
  3. Yep the only wrong way is if you don't like the finished product.....then you know you did it wrong.

    Or if it isn't done safely.

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    Personally I would not put any more salt on the turkey if you use a standard brine. 
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  6.       X3

       I'm with AL

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