Add a smokebox without modifying a Cookshack Original (and a Qview)

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by tjones96761, Jan 27, 2016.

  1. tjones96761

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    Evening Gents.

    While I figure out what smoker I'm going to buy or build, my mom offered to let me borrow hers. Between her and her new husband they have 3 now and the Green Egg gets most the love. So I went from a borrowed MES40 to a borrowed Cookshack Original. Aside from being tiny with analog dial and no window, it's a nice machine and in great condition. But I'd like to try a smoke box and maybe some cold smoking...

    This thing only has a 5/8" hole in the bottom for air intake and a 7/16" hole in the top for vent. That's only going to allow for about 3/8" hose and fittings to connect the smoke box and smoker. My mom is a kind and loving woman, but if I modify her smoker she'll unleash the fury on me regardless of how much better it makes the smoker or how little she actually uses it. So I need to get the smoke into this tiny smoker without knocking another hole in it. and there's definitely no room for anything else in the smoker. I had to pull one of the racks to smoke a mini fatties last night. It's that tiny...

    It's sitting on a table now, so putting the box on the ground is no problem. And it has little stubby legs so there's about 3" clearance between the tabletop and the bottom of the smoker. From all the mods I've seen, you guys are using way bigger than 3/8" hose between the smoke box and smoker. I haven't seen any less than 1" I don't think. So I think it's going to have to either be pushed or pulled to the box, heat rise and draft isn't going to get it there.

    I've been avoiding saying "mailbox" mod, because a mailbox isn't air tight at the seams. So if I have to push fresh air, I'll use an ammo can or an explosion proof electrical box or something like that. Here's a pic if the bottom of the smoker. Thanks for any help.

    Cooked these Chicken cordon bleu mini fatties last night to 150 IT. They're in the oven now reheating wrapped in foil. Will bring to 165 and then crisp the bacon. Never reheated a fattie, we'll see how this goes.

  2. mr t 59874

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    IMHO you are way overthinking this. Consider using your CS as a heat sink as in pictures #1 and #2 in the following. Works great.   My Cold Smoking Options w/Q - View

  3. dr k

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    I read your additional information links on smoke management and AMNPS amd Smoke Daddy. Coincidentally when trying my mailbox mod for the first time the other day for six hours I noticed before I read your links that my MES 40 Gen 1 window was virtually crystal clear when I was finished. The outdoor temp was in the 30's so the exterior cooler mailbox did condense resins and creosote.
  4. mr t 59874

    mr t 59874 Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    Kurt, You hit the nail on the head. The same theory will apply in warmer weather. Note the temps involved. 

    If you can, PM me a picture of your setup.

  5. tjones96761

    tjones96761 Newbie

    The mini fatties turned out OK. A but too much smoke for my liking, but the wife and kids loved it. Most of the cheese stayed in even though I didn't layer it correctly. Can't wait to get an AMNPS in a separate box where I can control the smoke a little better.

  6. dr k

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    I somehow deleted your pic when I quoted your post.  Looks great!  This is something I'd like to try.  The traditional fatties with bacon around ground sausage is something unique but not what I need.  I've made several in the past.  I was having to smoke the bacon and the sausage part separate for a couple hours to get the crispness of the bacon I wanted and to get the sausage to render fat.  The bacon weave was on a Q-matz so it was easy to roll on halfway through the smoke which I can do with the chicken.  I may have to wait an hour after the bacon weave has been in by itself before starting the chicken so it won't dry the outside of the chicken.

  7. old sarge

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    That small hole in the bottom/floor is not just for air intake but also grease draining, which I reckon you already know. For a less smoky flavor, just use less wood. I have the Cookshack Amerique and generally use just  2 ounces.  Always a chunk; no chips. I use a digital scale and cut my wood into 1, 2, and 3 ounce pieces. You are already familiar with Cookshack and Masterbuilt, but have you looked into Smokin-it?  Like Cookshack, all stainless steel in/out and very solidly built.  Good luck on your buy or build!

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