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  1. Trying to figure out when smoking bacon how much smoke do you use. Like do I keep adding wood/smoke during the whole smoking process or can I smoke for about 2hrs and them just let it go till I get to my internal temp. Thanks
  2. If you are not cold smoking your own bacon, it is smoke the entire time for me.
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    It really depends on the color and density of the smoke and of course your taste.  I smoke mine to a desired color which is normally around 72 continuous hours but I an using a very slight stream of smoke.  Others will have theirs out of the smoke in two hours using a heavier smoke.


    Now is the perfect time to get a good assessment as how to smoke.  First get a note book and start a smoking log.  You will want to keep record of the type of species of the wood, the type of wood, dust, chips, pellets or chunks and the amount by weight.  What you are cooking along with the ambient, internal smoker and internal product temps, color and the density of the smoke along with the time the smoke is applied.  Smoke may not need to be applied for the whole duration of the cook.  Most likely your personal taste will determine this.

      It may seem like a lot of work in the beginning, but the information collected will become invaluable information in the future.  You can keep records of your results by smoking and observing the results by smoking crackers.  It will give you a good idea of the difference each change makes.  By taking the time to do this now will answer many questions you may have in the future.

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