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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by menk45, Jul 25, 2011.

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    Last weekend I smoked a small pork loin, chicken legs, and chicken thighs on my Gourmet ECB

    Luckily the loin was small enough (2.5 lbs) that I could fit it and the chick on the top rack.  However, it got me thinking...if I didn't have room on the top rack for all of it, I would have to put the loin on and come back a couple hours later and put the chicken on the bottom rack.

    How do you access the bottom rack?  Seems like a PIA to have to remove the top rack to add meat to the bottom rack or check the temp of any meat on the bottom rack. 

    Removing the top rack really seems like the only choice, but what do you use to remove it?  It's not like you can pick it up with your bare hands.  I wouldn't think there is enough room to pick it up with gloves on.   
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    Having started with an ECB many years ago, I am familiar with the problem.  It is simply one of the drawbacks of the vertical drum type smoker.  Fortunately they have many positive features to offset this inconvenience.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  4. I have an ECB and wouldn't attempt using the secondary rack. Here's why:

    You could modify the top rack with some type of handles but they would have to be

    small. Remember though, for you to take off the lid, then the first rack to get to your

    second one, you are going to lose massive heat. You'll almost certainly double your

    cooking time.

    If you're really into it and can afford it, grab yourself either a verticle multi-rack box or,

    an off set heat source grill type smoker, or, take $40 and go get another ECB.

    Keep moving forward...James

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