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  1. double rr

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    I would like to buy some more cookware for camping and found a china made cast cookware at academy alot less that  the lodge brand which i have a couple of - the cheap brand is outdoor gourmet  will it work as well as the lodge? or should i spend the x-tra for the lodge ? thanks
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    I am interested in the Chinese Cast Iron review as well...JJ
  3. kathrynn

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    stay AWAY....AWAY....from the NON-USA cast iron.  Has metals in in that are not good.  (IMHO!)  If you can find older stuff re-season it....or get Lodge Brand. Can find older things at swap shops, yard sales....even Antique Malls.

    My Soap box!

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  4. I would spend the extra money on the Lodge, the quality will definitely be far superior.

    You're making an investment that should last for the rest of your life, I'd invest in what's best.

    At the iron foundry where I worked, incoming iron scrap trucks passed by huge Geiger counters to enure that nothing radioactive entered the foundry.
    Do they do that in China? I seriously doubt it and only God knows what else is in that iron.

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  5. dward51

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    Does Iron ore come from areas that also contain radioactive material or was it recycled material that may have come from a contaminated source?  Never would have thought about either in a foundry.

    I can see the info-mercial now - New!!!! Fukushima Iron Works Neutron powered cookware, no heat source needed....  Guaranteed to cook you food for the next 1,100 years or your money back. Order now and get our limited edition tritium upgrade with the self illuminating handle so you can always find your cookware...

    More on track with the original post, Lodge does make some of their low end enameled cookware in China.  Stared doing so a few years back. The Lodge company is still based in America and is a U.S. family owned and operated company (still owned by descendants of the Joseph Lodge who started the company in 1896)
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  6. I don't know much about iron ore, but I do know that some iron ores can be radioactive. My guess is that tests are done when it's mined
    Most of the iron used in that foundry was scrap, but some pig iron was also used. I think that the scrap was what they were most concerned about.
    With the mob and other questionable entities likely in the scrap business in some capacity, who knows where it came from or what's in it, hence several quality and safety tests.

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  7. kathrynn

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    The actual lead content is what I was referring to with my statement.  Was trying to find a link to "prove it"....but I can't at the moment.  I do collect Cast iron...and the actual longevity of the stuff made in India, Korea, China and Tawian is not as good...use lesser quality than what was made here.  This is the case after 1960's I believe.  Some of the enameled stuff is made in China and other places...and the base cast iron is not as thick/heavy either and you will get bad "hot spots".


  8. fpnmf

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    The chinese stuff just doesnt work work as good as top end USA Lodge..  

    I have seen it happen...find an old one..they are all over the place...ebay..etc..

    Or buy the cheap stuff and prove me wrong..
  9. kathrynn

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    Ditto Craig!  Won't be happy....either old stuff....or you will get what you "pay for".

  10. dward51

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    Also check your local Goodwill store and yard sales.  You can sometimes find a gem for $5 or even less.

    Don't worry if it looks all rusty and may have carbonized food on it.  That can all be fixed.  In fact, the rust can be used as a bargaining tool to argue for a lower price! The one thing you do want to look for is if the bottom of the pot/pan is flat and any small cracking.  If it's not flat I would skip it unless you only plan on using it over hot coals and not on a oven. If it's cracked, it's scrap or decorative material only.

    Strip it down to bare metal (for extreme cases use oven cleaner) and then do the ultimate cast iron seasoning method with food grade Flax Oil (from the health food or vitamin store).

    Here is the seasoning link:
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  11. rgacat

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    The cheaper junk at Academy I looked at still had grind marks and was very porous. I dough you would ever get it fully seasoned. Go for the Lodge as said before it will last you a life time. I bought the Lodge 16" skillet and have no regrets.

    Ronnie G.
  12. daveomak

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    I have bought Lodge Cookware on Amazon...  waited for sale prices and save a lot of money....  Recycled cast iron has many impurities and some are not good in food cooking utensils...  I would stick with American Made Cookware....  Have you seen the kids toys coming in from China and the health issues with that stuff ?? Cookware would scare the $)#@ out of me.... 

    Note on the site.....

    Important Product and Safety Information

    • This product is currently not available for purchase by customers in the State of California.

    Shipping Restriction: Currently we are not able to ship this product to the follow state(s).

    • CA
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  13. double rr

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    thanks never would thought of the lead or trash that might be in that chinese cast iron ,i thank you and my family really thanks you, i like my lodge dutchoven  i have ,i will just make a complete set all lodge ,this is another example of you get what you pay for -buy American !
  14. kathrynn

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    Thanks guys for helping me say NO DONT DO IT!


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