ABT'S & SBT'S for the party

Discussion in 'ABT's' started by fatwood, Sep 5, 2015.

  1. So, I got invited to a Labor Day / birthday party at a friends place. They raise pigs and are going to cook one of the smaller pigs for the party. Since I am usually the meat guy for all get together I attend, I had no idea what to bring. At first I said I would just bring Fumi Salad, but I was not real thrilled about it. Then, today it dawned on me...I have been wanting to make some ABT's for a while and that is perfect. Of course now I still have to bring the salad too.

    Since not everyone like spicy, I picked up some baby sweet pepper and some Pablano peppers to go with the jalapeños.

    I made up two batches of filling. Cream cheese with JD sausage for the sweet and Mexican chorizo for the spicy. Added some mex 4 cheese blend and a couple extra spices to bump up the flavor of both, then wrapped with some bacon and into the fridge they went. Tomorrow I'll smoke them for a couple hours with pecan.

    Here's some prep pix

    Didn't think to take one of them.wrapped in bacon before covering in foil and putting in the fridge. Guess you'll have to wait till morning
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  2. crazymoon

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    FW, Looking good ,I love ABTs'!
  3. Just put them in the smoker

    The pecan TBS is working it's magic
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    Should be tasty! Now where's those finished pics???
  5. Still cooking....guessing about 30 more minutes
  6. Ordered a 12" Amazen Pellet Tube that is supposed to arrive Tuesday. Wish I had it today. Having a tough time keeping the smoke flowing. Either goes out or the chips catch fire and the temp soars.
  7. Packed up and ready for the party

  8. b-one

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    Those look tasty!

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