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  1. ajsmokes

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    OK call me crazy but what is ABT exactly?
  2. oldschoolbbq

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     The ABT is a Jalapeno Pepper , cut in half of the top cutoff and cored , filled with Cheese , Meat or anything you want .

    Then it is wrapped Bacon and dusted with a Rub , and placed in the smoker and smoked until the Bacon is crisp.

    These are call Atomic Buffalo Turds .
  3. ajsmokes

    ajsmokes Meat Mopper

    Thanks much for the explanation. I've seen that phrase used do many times and I had no clue what it was
  4. pineywoods

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    If you haven't tried them you need to. If you or yours don't like jalapenos you can use sweet banana peppers or other not so hot peppers but if you deseed and remove the membrane most of the heat is gone.

    I wash them then split them in 1/2 lengthwise trying to split the core, this pretty much leaves a canoe like pepper that holds everything in. Take the cream cheese out of the fridge before you start so it's not as stiff mix in some shredded cheese of your liking I use the Mexican 4 cheese blend, fill the pepper about level with the top. I like to top it with a little smoky cocktail sausage again split in half lengthwise. Then wrap the whole thing in a 1/2 slice of the cheapest thin sliced bacon you can find.

    Of course you can use whatever fillings you want it's all a matter of personal tastes
  5. mike5051

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    Just so happens that I cooked and tasted my first ABT's tonight.  I too had no clue what they are until searching for them here.  I am not a fan of cream cheese so these were my modifications:

    1.  Family does not share my love for hot peppers, added sweet peppers to the cook.

    2.  Ignored the families dislike for hot peppers and substituted pepper jack for the cream cheese!  They ignore my dislike of cream cheese.

    3.  Stuffing is green onion sausage removed from the casing, add some pepper jack and wrap in bacon.

    These were tasty!

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