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Discussion in 'ABT's' started by call the hogs, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. So its my daughters 20th Bday and our kids always get to pick what they want for there B-day dinner. She tells us she just wants ground beef burritos my wife makes! Blah!! [​IMG]  (they are good honey!) Been trying all week to convince her to let me smoke some more chuckies for shredded beef! She aint having it...[​IMG]   But she did ask if I could do some of those Jalapeno thingys! after seeing some of the different concoctions, gonna have some fun, and now that I know what ABT stands for, gonna have some real fun serving them up.. Have a Q though. Because thats all I'm doing, and all I have is Pecan, Peach and Cherry wood right now. Give me some opinions on which would work best with the Jalapenos and Bacon?

  2. pineywoods

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    Sounds like fun. Any of those woods will work fine tho peach may be too light a flavor for ABT's for my tastes. Don't forget to not deseed one of the jalapenos just so you get to sit and watch the face of the person who gets that one [​IMG]
  3. sprky

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    I like that idea, or kick a few up a notch with some ground habanero peppers. Now look what ya done went and did piney you got my evil twisted mind working in over drive.[​IMG]
  4. Id say sticking with the mexican theme (can ground beef burritoes really be considered mexican), Id add chorizo to your filling. Drain the grease first after cooking the chorizo and then throw it in with some mexican melting style cheese and if you want ground habaneros (might be kind of cruel depending on your famlies taste). 
  5. HAHAHA! Oh man! you guys got my mind going.. Now my oldest Son loves the really hot stuff. He is always trying to get me to try some crap he has in a bottle. "C'mon Dad just barely dip a toothpick in it and taste it" I dont know what the scoville rating is, but he is always throwing that up to me too. I may have to fire a couple of them up. Just hope I dont forget where I put them on the tray. The Wifey gets one of them and Ima dead man...   [​IMG]
  6. sunman76

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    Just made a batch of about 30 last night.  We made some fresh vension sausage "Thanks NEPAS" we crumbled it up then mixed in some sharp Cheddar, and cream cheese to fill them up.  They looked great but have not had a chance to try one.  They didn't get done till about 10:00pm "too late for spicy stuff for me..lol" going to eat one for lunch today though.

    I really like the taste of pecan wood,  but ran out so used some oak this time so we will see how it taste..

    Yeah the name.... ABT.[​IMG]

    The ones made last night are for our wild game cook off at church. thinking about Atomic-Deer-Bombs[​IMG]
  7. pineywoods

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    You can make some using Habanero peppers we have done that at a couple of the Gatherings for those brave enough to eat them which does not include me [​IMG]
  8. scarbelly

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    I almost never take out the membrane and usually only pull the seeds from about half of them.  If ya can't take the heat stay out of the ABT's [​IMG]
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  9. If its called devils blood dont do it. I watched a guy take a shot of it in a bar and he was in the bathroom 5 minutes later for the rest of the night.
  10. sprky

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    Ya i agree with ya there. However my wife likes the ABT'S and if i make them too hot [​IMG]. So i came up with a soltion. I totally strip membrane and seeds from some and mark them with a tooth pick, and stuff them before I add removed de-seeded membrane to the stuffing. this way I can get my ABT'S with some heat and keep mama happy.
  11. smokinal

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    I always mix some seeds in with the filling, but our guests like the heat.
  12. Lucky for me the wife likes the heat as much as me so we mix all the seeds into the filling and usually leave most of the membrane. If its just the two of us that is.

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