Absolute score on pork ribs!!!

Discussion in 'Pork' started by jaxrmrjmr, Jun 29, 2013.

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    The kids had a few friends sleep over last night and something we like to do is let each one of them make their own pizza - stretching the dough, loading it up and cooking it.  They get a kick out of it and gets everyone together in the kitchen for a while.  So, the wife sent me to Walmart for a few items that we were lacking.  I was walking down the meat case to get some Italian sausage when I noticed a little yellow sticker on the spareribs.  They were $0.99 per lbs!  I went to find someone from the meat dept to find out what the scoop was.  Found the manager and he asked me if I noticed what the date on them were.  I said yes, July 3rd.  He said, exactly, and that he would have to get rid of them by Monday before he would sell any that were dated for July 6th so that they would be safe for people cooking on and after July 4th.  He said he had 238 packs with that date that he had to sell by Monday.

    They were Smithfield and cryopacked, so I did what any good smoke addict would do - I called the wife to see how much room we had in the spare freezer and bought as much as I could freeze!

    I usually buy my ribs at Sam's as they carry IBP brand, but I just couldn't pass this up.  I spent a few minutes and selected the ones that I wanted - pretty even in thickness, as square (rectangular) as possible, and over 5 lbs.

    Got me about 75 lbs of ribs sitting in the freezer!
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    The good deal monster strikes again! Congrats man. Some days you just have a Lucky Leprechaun riding on your shoulder, did ya swing by and get a lotto ticket on the way home?
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    I spent all my money on ribs!!

    And baby backs were $1.99 lbs.  There wasn't but about 20 packs of them to pick from, but I picked up three racks for me and the bride to cook when we get the chance to be "kid-free".

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